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Ghost Town by Rachel Caine
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Oct 29, 10

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Read from October 27 to 29, 2010

There are no ordinary days in Morganville, Texas. The town is run by vampires, humans pay taxes in the form of blood donations and no one leaves town unless the Elder Council says they can - and unless their memories of the vampires are erased. Still, things in Morganville are as ordinary as they ever get right now, with one exception. Since the preserved vampire brain that oversaw Morganville’s perimeter defenses (killing car engines, wiping memories, that kind of thing) went homicidally insane, Morganville has had open borders. That makes the vampires in Morganville edgy, and edgy vampires are not good at all for the humans that most of them regard as little more than meals on foot. It’s up to human Claire Danvers and her mad scientist vampire boss Myrnin to get the perimeter defenses up and running again - and to do it as soon as possible.

Just when Claire thinks things are relatively okay (meaning she and Myrnin have got the machine operating properly again and no one she loves is in immediate danger of a gruesome death) something really freaky starts happening - freaky by Morganville standards, which is never good. Humans and vampires start to lose their memories, some vampires even forget that they are vampires. Claire realizes the new machine must be wiping memories inside the town, instead of just at the boundaries. The problem is, no one who can help her remembers Claire. And Myrnin? Well, Myrnin has reverted to his previous self - which means he’s full-on crazy with a side of sadistic torturer to boot. If Claire can’t turn the machine off soon, she won’t remember what she’s trying to do and all of Morganville could be destroyed in a bloodbath of epic proportions.

When I won a copy of Ghost Town through Goodreads First Reads, I was thrilled because I LOVE the Morganville Vampire novels. There are no emo, angsty vampires here. All of them, even the one or two you might like or trust, are dangerous predators, just like you would expect a vampire to be. Morganville books are always entertaining, with intricate and twisting plot lines and great action, but what keeps me coming back for more are the characters. Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael are the kind of friends I wish I had. Amelie and Oliver are scary, yet demand your respect. And Myrnin? Well let’s just say I love to read about him, but wouldn’t want to be locked up in a lab with him. If you think you’re over vampire novels do yourself a favor and give the Morganville books a try. You might have a few nightmares, but you won’t be sorry!

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