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Dark Peril by Christine Feehan
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Sep 20, 10

Dark Peril (Carpathian) by Christine Feehan
Paranormal Romance- Aug. 31, 2010
4 stars

Christine Feehan’s strong writing makes her Carpathian series a guaranteed read. Fans of the series will not want to miss this story. In this book the mysteriously powerful Carpathian Dominic the Dragonseeker and the noble heroine Solange Sangria (an abused shifter) find well-deserved love and calm with each other in a world filled with seemingly endless battles.

Dominic the Dragonseeker is weary. In his long life he has never found his life mate. Discouraged with the realization that he will never find her warmth to bring his dark life light he vows to make one last stand. He has finally given in and consumed vampire blood. Its parasites fight within him to convert him to a man without conscience and indiscriminate violence. But Dominic has purposely ingested this contaminated blood so he can infiltrate the vampires who are trying to murder his Prince and the Carpathians and kill them on a suicide mission. Unfortunately, while tracking the vampires he comes across his life mate. But Dominic fears to contaminate her and knows they can never have a future together.

Solange is a warrior. Her family has been slowly murdered by her mad father. Her sole purpose is to kill him and the crazed soldiers under him who rape and murder the women of their line and anyone else who gets in their way. But she is surprised when she finds the man who haunts her dreams is real. He is noble and heroic and one she easily trusts. But she soon realizes that Dominic is on a suicide mission. And their love is doomed.

Christine Feehan creates a brutal villain and very tragic but courageous main characters that really deserve each other. I loved that they were both confident warriors in their own right and found the scenes where they fought together exciting. Dominic is a strong alpha male and seeks to protect Solange but he also respects her decisions and does not pressure her or make decisions for her. He doesn’t ‘hurt her to protect her’ which always annoys me in books. This was an extremely enjoyable book mainly because I was so happy they had finally found each other and were able to find comfort and happiness together. The only difficulties I had with the story was how pat the problem of Dominic’s contamination was solved. I was also surprised once they found the way to ‘heal’ vampire contamination they didn’t try to replicate it or hoard it for the future or study it since it was so vital. The story also had long sections of internal monologue which seemed a little drawn out and slowed down the pacing and action in the book.

This was solid and enjoyable read that fans of the Carpathian series will love. The wounded and noble main characters deserved each other.

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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