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The Haunted by Jessica Verday
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Sep 19, 10

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Ah, the book to answer all our unanswered questions of The Hollow...ha, not quite.

Abbey is back from her "breakdown" and we spend most of the book with her coping with her b.f.f.'s death, the fact that she's in love with a ghost, and the fact that said ghost and her are unable to touch. Serious bummer. But fear not, Caspian and Abbey's relationship is wrought with more sexual tension and is more steamy than in The Hollow -- fun stuff! At times the romance headed into the 'cheesy' realm but it was still a good time.

There's a lot more character development in this book. I was able to connect and enjoy Abbey's character in this latest Hollow installment. Caspian is somehow adorable and sweet yet mysterious and sexy at the same time.

AND -- quite possibly the best part -- we learn who Kristen's mysterious "D." is! Exciting, no? But alas, you'll be frothing at the mouth because just because we know who he is doesn't mean we...well, actually know who he is. He's more mysterious than Caspian!

I have to say, the book was slooooooow - quite a bit of doing the mundane with Abbey. For instance, at one point we go through the process of putting on a band-aid...in detail. Others don't mind this, but if you're like me, I'm warning you, it can bog down the pace. I was also lost as to where the book was going until about page 300. And even then, it was drawn out.

Now the last few chapters? Whew! Things really picked up. The originality, the creativity, the mystery and intrigue - it all shined.

And then it ended...in the middle of what I thought was the climax. I was really confused. I think I stared at the last page for a good ten seconds before I thought "Oh, blonde moment," and started checking if I had missed something or pages had been ripped out.

So, while a little confused by the ending, I really enjoy the originality of this series and look forward to the next installment. I'm too invested now!

The Cover: Awesome! It's not as cool as The Hollow's, but it ranks top notch. The colors are amazing and be sure to check out the texture of the bottle. It's soooo cool.

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