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Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins
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Oct 20, 10

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Bamboo People was a very creative story, but I have read better books about the Burmese War. For example "Elephant Run" is about the same thing as Bamboo People, but I think it was written better. However, I would still recomend the book to someone who hasn't read either of the two books.

What I liked about the book was the topic. I think the Burmese War is an interesting subject matter to read about, especially since it is still going on to some extent today. The book was factual, but still gave you the view point of someone living in that time period. The other thing I liked the book was how it was written in first person for two different people. The first half of the book, the character Chicco gives part of the story from his point of view. Chicco is Burmese. The second half of the book is told from the point of view from a boy named Tu Reh. Tu Reh is Karenni, the Burmese enemy. It is very interesting to read the book and see the two different veiw points of the boys, but how they both want the war to be over.

The biggest thing I didn't like about the book was the reading level. I thought the book was to easy to read and I finished it in about a week even though there were 250+ pages in it. The vocabulary was also too easy. Sometimes, no matter how good the story is, if the reading level is to easy the book isn't as fun to read. Besides the reading level there wasn't much to dislike in this book.

What surprised me in the book was how Chicco was taken prisoner and forced into being a soldier. Then he went on a mission, and got seriously hurt and ended up loosing his leg. Through all this Chicco kept a positive attitude and instead of worrying about his leg, he was grateful to be alive. I would have been depressed, angry, and sad if I went through what Chicco did.

What impacted my thinking was how the Karenni people, even though they were at war with Burma, took Chicco and saved his life by amputating his leg so it didn't get infected. They could have just left him to die, which the Burmese certainly would have done if they saw a hurt Karenni man. Instead they took him in and saved his life, since he was only a boy. I thoguht that this created the theme in the book of doing the right thing even if someone wouldn't do the same for you. The Karenni knew it was the right thing to save Chicco so they did. They didn't care if the Burmese were at war with them. They knew Chicco was an innocent soldier who meant no harm.

I would give this book a three out of five. I'm not sure if I would recomend it to someone though because it was easy to read and I thought the book Elephant Run was better.

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