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The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay
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Oct 26, 15

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Read in January, 2000 — I own a copy, read count: 2

The Summer Tree' is the first book of Guy Gavriel Kay's 'Fionavar Tapestry' trilogy. It is a cross world fantasy, where five college students from Toronto (booooo!) are invited by the mage Loren Silvercloak to travel to Fionavar, 'the first of all worlds'. It is a world of gods, elves, dwarves and a dark lord imprisoned under a mountain. The book owes something to Tolkien, but also has Norse, Celtic and Greek mythological influences. I enjoyed it very much, but I am not blind to its faults. As many reviewers have noted, the five visitors from our world seem to adapt to the new world almost seamlessly, so much so, that it seems unnecessary as a plot device, since it really adds little to the story. Secondly the idea of Fionavar being 'first of all worlds' just doesn't make much sense. Fionavar seems too small geographically (everything seems to one or two days away by horse from anywhere else) and historically (Rakoth Maugrim being defeated just 1000 years ago and not much happens in between it seems) to be as important as it supposed to be. It is stated several times that if Rakoth Maugrim is not defeated he will rule in all worlds not just in Fionavar- does that mean if he is defeated in Fionavar that our world will be free of evil? Doesn't seem likely. Anyway these are minor annoyances, Kay is a gifted writer and 'The Summer Tree' is well worth reading for fantasy enthusiasts.

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