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The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi
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Sep 16, 2010

it was amazing
Read in September, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I read this quick amazing book called amulet the stone keeper. This book is about a girl named Emily she has a little brother named Naivin. It was a snowy day and Emily her father and mom were driving home in a care. Naivin was alone home and the mother of Emily and Naivin was telling the dad to hurry up and drive faster but he couldn’t because there was traffic. While Emily and her parents were driving home Emily’s dad wasn’t paying attention to the road and crashed and feel down rolling down a hill. The care was falling to a cliff Emily was the first one to get out of the car. There was one problem Emily’s dad was stuck he couldn’t get out of the care. Emily’s mom was trying to take him out but she couldn’t so Emily’s dad told her to get out the care and let him go because she need to take care of Naivin and Emily. Emily’s mom was hurt and crying a lot Emily was very sad as well that moment of the book was very touching.
Few years later Emily her mom and brother moved far away to her moms old grandpas house. That house was pretty special. It had an amulet that was meant for Emily to have. She is the chosen one. Her great grandpa has a secret place to another world of magic and power. So one day Emily was around the house and out of nowhere there was this weird looking creature who grabbed Emily’s mom and took her away. Emily and Naivin were very sad and worried after that happen Emily would use the amulet she had to go to other world to get her mom back. This book is very interesting I love it. It may be short but in that book it shows many action and things to make you think about. I love how Emily would risk her life to save her mom and even attend and go to another world she does not recognize or knows what’s in it or what’s going to happen to her and her little brother.
The amulet book was so good for me it was so good that I wanted to read more and know what was going to happen next. Does She controls her amulet right? What kind of Power does her amulet has? And Why was she the chosen one to get the power of the amulet. This book makes you think a lot what may happen? And how will it end? who will win? I actually recommend this book, it only takes one day to read.
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