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Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich
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Jun 03, 2013

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Read in June, 2013

** spoiler alert ** I would've ranked this higher, but there were a LOT of threads left untied - it's one thing to be the first book in a planned series, and another to leave things dangling with absolutely no resolution.

If you're a Janet Evanovich fan and love Stephanie Plum, you know almost exactly what to expect here: a delightfully funny, slightly clueless female lead, a hunky male or two to pine after and have tension with, and a lack of anything TOO high-stakes.

Here, we have what is either a really truly hilarious sendup of the urban fantasy genre, complete with silly acronyms for Items of Magical Power and the groups that want to control them, or we have a kind of tone-deaf attempt to cash in on said genre. Personally, I'm going to go with the former, because naming a bunch of "enhanced abilities" humans Unmentionables and having the governing body be the BUM is simply too funny to be coincidental.

I love the fact that an Unmentionable ability can be the power to make PERFECT CUPCAKES.

I don't love the fact that sexual activity between two Unmentionables is cause for one of them to lose their powers - and that "depowering" the heroine is used as a caution and even a threat, nor that the Big Bad says that he could make her love it. It's uncomfortable, demeaning, and I'm sorry, do we REALLY have to resort to rape, attempted rape, intimated rape, and rape threats in nearly every "sassy female lead" book these days? There are other ways to show high stakes and scary situations and challenges to overcome that do not involve sexually threatening women.

No, really.

Overlook that, though, and this is a very clever, oftentimes laugh-out-loud funny book, and a very quick read (I devoured it, pun intended, in an afternoon). Cat 7143 is fantastic; the various supporting characters, no matter how tangential and "look at me, I'm weird!" have compelling personalities and feel fully realized; and the sexual tension really is cute and interesting. Props for that.

Despite the utter lack of resolution (no, seriously, not a single thing is wrapped up or answered...not even the question of Lizzy's supernatural cupcake-making ability or the status of her cookbook), it was a charming read, and I'll probably pick up Wicked Business if it crosses my path.

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