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Love Bites by Lynsay Sands
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Sep 16, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: contemp-paranormal-romance
Read in May, 2008

** spoiler alert ** It was impossible to like this book because of too many stupid actions.

Aside from the stupidity, I was not delighted or entertained by anything else. Story brief: Etienne is a 312 year old vampire. His mother, siblings and other vampire relatives live near him in Toronto, Canada. Pudge is a human who knows Etienne is a vampire. Pudge tries to kill Etienne three times and almost succeeds. On one occasion, Pudge is aiming an axe at Etienne, but Rachel gets in the way trying to stop Pudge. Her neck gets cut as a result. The only way to save her life is for Etienne to turn her into a vampire. Much of the following story is about her learning about and adjusting to life as a vampire. Some of my problems with the book follow.

Etienne was unhappy that his sleep was getting interrupted every night due to a crank caller. He said he didn’t want to unplug his phone in case his family had an emergency. This is stupid. He can change his phone number. He can get a cell phone.

Etienne’s family told him he must convince Rachel to lie to the police about the kidnapper. Etienne knew she would be reluctant, so he waited awhile before telling her. At a relative’s wedding, Uncle Lucian, read Rachel’s mind and saw that Etienne hadn’t told her yet. Instead of discussing this privately with Etienne, Uncle Lucian says to Etienne in front of Rachel “You’ve been trying to woo her to your side in the hope that she would concede to your wishes.” Well, of course, this is going to make Rachel mad. It was the worst thing to say. This causes a fight, with Rachel mad at Etienne and not trusting him. Since Lucien was a mind reader he should have known this would be hurtful to the cause rather than helpful.

A kidnapper has Rachel and Mrs. Craveshaw tied up in his basement. The kidnapper is lounging around in an adjacent basement room. Etienne sneaks into the basement. Instead of first going to the kidnapper and immobilizing him, tying him up or knocking him unconscious, Etienne goes to the women. He talks to them, unties them, and gives Rachel something to drink. As he is doing this, the kidnapper comes into the room with a weapon pointed at Etienne’s chest. Not only was this stupid, but Etienne’s two brothers were outside waiting in a car instead of helping Etienne. They claimed that Etienne wanted to be the one to rescue Rachel. As a result, Etienne almost got killed. Again, stupid. I was mad and insulted.

At the police station, Etienne and Rachel were taken into separate rooms to give statements and sign documents. Rachel came out first. When she came out, a friend of the family told her that vampires were only allowed to turn one person which they reserved for their life mate. Since Etienne had turned Rachel, he would never be able to turn someone else to be his life mate. Rachel assumed that she was not loved by Etienne and that he hated her because he turned her. Because she didn’t see him in the hall waiting for her, she assumed he left without her. So, she leaves, goes home with her parents and doesn’t see Etienne for a few weeks. Meanwhile, Etienne thinks she doesn’t love him because she left without saying goodbye to him. Neither one contacts the other. This is one of my pet peeves, separation due to inaccurate assumptions about each other, when a brief conversation would have solved the problem.

Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: six. Setting: present day Toronto, Canada. Copyright: 2004. Genre: contemporary paranormal romance.

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