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Murder at Monticello by Rita Mae Brown
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Nov 26, 10

Other than hope that this series will improve I don’t know why I keep reading. Every book is the same, the human characters are slow and the animals save the day. Really? At no time in Crozet, Virginia can you find a smart human?

I have never read these books in order, but then again, I don’t think that it is a requirement. The characters stay the same, the animals stay the same, only small portions of the locale seem to differentiate the books.

This time the reader is taken to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello here the discovery of the human remains of a wealthy Caucasian male are found beneath the hearth of a slave’s cabin.

Harry, with her usual band of dim-wits, search historical records for some clue as to the identity of this man from the early 1800’s. But not all involved in this matter want the truth to come out. Sometimes history should stay buried, but with a couple of cats and a corgi on the case, no human has a chance to keep their secrets hidden.

Once again Rita Mae Brown has her political agendas stamped into this book. I just wish she would make up her mind if she wants to be a speech writer or an author of mysteries. If you want completely mindless reading and a heavy dose of the author’s personal opinions and political views, I would suggest this series. Otherwise, head out of Crozet and into a town with a smarter human population.

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