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In the Castle of My Skin by George Lamming
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Jan 27, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in January, 1987

this is an excellent story.

i read this one while at lsu, third world literature, some such course, "third world" a word with all that colonialism baggage, and as such, you don't hear it as much anymore, "developing nations" having taken its place.

ho hum.

in the castle of my skin reminded me of huckleberry finn. read this one in 1987, been awhile, but i recall that i enjoyed it. lamming, i believe, is/was from the caribbean, but i might be wrong on that, so take it for what it's worth.

during the course, we read a number of works, midnight's children, petals of blood, the beautyful ones are not yet born, this one, a house for mr. biswas, about four five six others. i didn't stay. i'm no scholar, but what struck me about the lot of them was how one could take the work of karen horney, one of freud's rebellious daughters, specifically, her neurosis and human growth, and instead of applying that theory to an individual, apply it to a government.

horney...or was it bernard paris, as the unversity of florida....memory...memory...anyway, you take a metaphor from the animal world, or plural, metaphors. fight, flight, or...what was the other'n....bury your head in the sand...three forms of response (i am paraphrasing) to situations and then take how horney said that an individual can form a neurosis using the wrong approach....or by not doing what those long dead ancient greeks said, know thyself and nothing in excess....

so...like an animal's response, flight, fight...or give up...you read this one and the ones mentioned above--these "third world" writers concerned themselves w/government....all that malarkey...and the way they expressed their governments, all neurotic as defined by horney...well...there you go...

anyway, in the castle of my skin....to me, it was like huck finn. thought it was a good read.

then again, maybe i'm confused and my memory is playing tricks on me.

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