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The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
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Sep 14, 2010

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Read from September 14 to 15, 2010

Okay...I've got to say it. The one impression I carried from the first book that I still have here is, how can Percy Jackson be a hero, and be SO THICK? I know it's a youth book, but I just can't imagine that there are many kids who weren't going, "oh come on, how can you be so stupid?!" Percy is so often so slow on the up-take that even though the story is a pleasant one and fairly interesting it often gets a little frustrating.

Other than that, well, these are fairly enjoyable read. I have some pet peeves but none that will drive me away from the series (so far). I find I enjoy certain YA books, and while this one sometimes seems more "Y" that "A", it's still, so far been a solid "not bad and I plan to start the third book.

As far as the series goes, there isn't a lot here you won't find in other books, YA and otherwise aside from the use of the Greek Mythological type setting. It gets played for a lot of nice laughs (Hermes the messenger of the gods carrying an electronic pad where deliveries are signed for etc.). You'll find here one standard issue "young hero" going off to camp (rather than say....school). He's a demigod or half blood by a Greek deity (instead of say....a wizard), there's a "dark prophecy" that could involve our young hero, in that "he" could be the one the prophecy is about (nothing to put in the parentheses here I just hated to break up the set LOL). I think most kids will enjoy the books. I'd be sure to read them first if I were you. Depending on the reader's age there are places I'd want to give my own kids some guidance (if they were still small). Each parent can decide for themselves what's appropriate here, but as I said nothing I'd get too bent out of shape about. I was more disturbed at the author's demeaning shot at other books than most anything else, and I'm sure it was an attempt to play that for laughs.

So, not a bad book, I have the next 2 (I believe) they came in at the library at the same time so I do plan to follow the series and see how it goes. Here I'm going with a good (as I said) solid 3 stars, not great, but not bad either, fairly enjoyable.

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