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Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill
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Sep 29, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: young-adult

Where is Joss Whedon, does he know about this book, and is he getting his fair share of profits, since the entire tome is constructed around the worlds and characters Whedon created in Firefly?

Although the book is set on Mars, the list of Firefly similarities is alarming -

1) Pithy, sarcastic male leader with a troubled past (Captain Malcolm Reynolds)
2) Supportive, female subordinate who is a little too> supportive and makes you question the nature of the relationship (Zoe)
3) Humanoid creatures that terrify everyone and like to spend their spare time being cannibals (reavers)
4) A scrapy group hired to do a job with questionable equipment and the need to scrounge what tools they can find (entire crew of Firefly
5) A constant need to find palatable food for the crew
6) Border towns
7) When they swear, they swear in Chinese. COME ON! How could that NOT be a rip off from Joss Whedon?

The book was enjoyable, but fractured. I felt like the text wasn't smooth and it took a little bit of work to get through it. I do appreciate the action and the presence of another "boy book" out in the world for teens, though.

However, I'm not reading another book by this author until he comes up with something original and stops cannibalizing a la the reavers.
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message 1: by Laurie (new) - added it

Laurie Wow, it does sound like a rip-off of Firefly. With the news of the new Joss-less Buffy movie being made, I fear this has not been a good day for me as a Whedon fan.

Rose I totally agree! I kept thinking this is like an episode of Firefly...a really bad one at that.

Tenoko1 The fact that it sounds like Firefly is part of what sold me on it. I love Firefly and the personality types on it, the world around it, so similar is appealing to me. Joss keeps the same personality types in his own work even if the project changes, he defaults to his same troopers. It's not a bad thing, it's an excellent system.

Cyndy Aleo I'm 60% through it, and I'd add in a few other sci-fi specials. Wholy derivative piece of fiction. I'm not sure there's an original idea in here.

Droewyn Actually, Durango swears in about a half dozen languages, including Finnish and Gaelic.

message 6: by Hanna (new)

Hanna The guy on the cover of the book is not as good looking as Captain Reynolds in Firefly, though!

Rene Firefly with a dash of The Magnificent Seven...

Nathan Hough grow up

Cyndy Aleo Nathan wrote: "grow up"

So Nathan, you seem to be new here, so I'm giving you about 30 seconds of benefit of the doubt. Let's explain how this works:

Goodreads is a site where readers get to talk about how they feel about books. Some people will invariably love books that other people loathe. A quick glance at your profile shows you strongly dislike Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is arguably one of the seminal books in the sci-fi genre about AI, humanity's quest for answers, etc. I mean, Stanley Freaking Kubrick adapted it into a movie that's said to be some of his best work.

But am I going onto your rating to suggest that maybe you aren't mature enough to appreciate the nuances? No, I am not.

Your succinct response to a review that demonstrates why the reader didn't like a book, a familiarity with the overall genre, and a competent writing style isn't going to win any readers over to this book, and is in fact, rather off-putting.

I'd suggest, instead, trying to craft your own review that says what you like about the book and why other people should read it. "grow up," a review with no actual structure, supporting arguments, or even capitalization or punctuation, suggests that readers who enjoy this book are more likely to be those who lack any of the things I noted in the paragraph above.

In other words, you just supported this reviewer's point.

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