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Love and Learn by Diana Hunter
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Sep 12, 10

it was amazing
bookshelves: erotic-contemporary-romance, erotic-fantasy-romance, 5-star-erotic-romance
Read in December, 2008

4.5 stars for 3 erotic stories, each with a dominant man and a submissive woman.

Dr. Laura Berman says "Studies have shown that sexual submission is one of the most common fantasies that women have. Submission is so appealing to women because it is one of the only ways they can get out of their heads and enjoy sex unabashedly. As born multi-taskers, it can be very hard for women to let go in the bedroom and stop ticking off a mental to-do list." This was published in her column in the Chicago Tribune on 12/01/08.

"Love and Learn" fits well with Berman's statement. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to read about submission in a monogamous relationship. The author has an interesting voice. This book contains the following three stories.

4.5 stars for KARA'S CAPTAIN.

A handsome sea captain was trapped in the artic ice 200 years ago. His ghost visits Kara who writes short stories. He tells her his story and claims to be still alive but trapped in the ice. He wants her to find his body.

This was my favorite of the three stories. The writer is creative with new ideas. This is not a plot copied from elsewhere. A few times I was surprised and amazed. There were some clever lines. It was well done.

Story length: 106 pages. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 5. Total number of sex scene pages: 19. Setting: current small city in U.S. or Canada, Norway and England. Copyright: 2006. erotic fantasy romance.

4.5 stars for LEARNING CURVE.

Samantha has spent years fantasizing about being tied up, but cultivated her good girl image. She meets Peter who senses her secret and wants her.

Well done erotic scenes. Sensual, passionate lovemaking between a dominant and a submissive. I chuckled a couple of times at how nicely it was done. Peter is sensitive and caring. He introduces Samantha to the world of sex. I enjoyed it.

Story length: 43 pages. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 1. Length of sex scene: 15 pages. Setting: current day university town. Copyright: 2004. Genre: erotic contemporary romance.

4 stars for NEW YORK MOMENT.

Penny is an uptight, professional woman attracted to her boss, Aidan. Aidan is harsh and rough when tying up his former girlfriend during sex. He now wants Penny and sees her as a challenge that he cannot pass up.

Aidan’s roughness was unsettling, but it was good for a dominant/submissive story. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 4.5 is because it was so short. I wanted more. By the end of the story, the door to a relationship had been opened, but I wanted to see the couple get further into the relationship. I was curious as to how a woman could be a submissive to such roughness and yet still be a challenge which is what Aidan wanted.

Story length: 38 pages. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 14. Setting: current day New York. Copyright: 2007. Genre: erotic contemporary romance.

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The above three stories are also available individually.

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