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Black Rose by Nora Roberts
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Sep 11, 2010

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Read on November 10, 2010 — I own a copy

2.5 stars - is it just me, or are all of Nora Robert's stories starting to sound the same?
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11/10/2010 "Home sick today, need something to read that I don't have to think about...." 2 comments

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Quinn She definitely has a formula, Tammy, particularly in her trilogies/quartets. But it works for me, because I know what I will be getting. I always read NR when I want something I know I will like. But I can also see how it would put other people off.

Tammy Walton Grant I used to really like her -- I have tons of her books. My favourite trilogy was the Born in Fire one.

I've noticed with this trilogy that the heroes all talk the same -- short, clipped sentences. And so does Roz - the main character in Black Rose. She reminds me alot of one of characters in another trilogy - the one where they run the bookshop and are witches? The older of the three who owns the house in that trilogy is a carbon copy of Rosalind from this one.

I know what you mean about knowing what you are getting with Roberts - that's why I picked this one up today when my brain was all plugged up from my cold, lol.

I'm wondering if maybe it's just this trilogy that I'm not caring for all that much. Maybe I'll pick up one of her older books, I always liked those ones. I used to love the titles to her books "Hidden Riches", "Public Secrets", etc. The oxymorons always seemed kinda clever to me, rather than contrived.

Quinn Oh yes, she basically has three types of heroines and uses the personality traits from book to book - the sweet/kind one, the fiesty/sassy/tomboy and the stunningly beautiful but damaged one - LOL!

The garden trilogy wasn't a standout one for me, so maybe this one's just not working for you.

I have only read two of her single titles - Birthright and True Betrayals (there's that oxymoron again!).

Hope your cold gets better soon!

Tammy Walton Grant I hadn't thought about the standard types before you said it, but you're right! I suspect she has a grouping of standard hero types she uses as well. (I don't know how you couldn't when you've written as many books as she has.)

I think my other favourite series was the Chesapeake Bay ones - the one with all the brothers. Besides those though, I like her standalones best.

Quinn said: "Hope your cold gets better soon! Thanks! I'm off to bed right away with some Vicks Vapo-Rub (my usual winter perfume, lol) to try to sleep off this cold before it gets worse. (and before I infect the rest of my family!)

Quinn Sweet dreams!

message 6: by Karla (new)

Karla Character tone usually leaps out at me, so if the men all talk the same or all the women talk the same, it rubs me the wrong way. Chalk it up as another peeve. :-\ I'd have thought authors would want to mix it up a little and not write the same stuff over and over. But prolific ones seem to write according to the Chinese Menu model.

Tammy Walton Grant This is the first time I've noticed it with Nora Roberts -- and I've read lots of her books. Chinese Menu is right.

message 8: by TJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

TJ Nope, it's not just you. Her books ARE all the same, just different names and places and she's taking all the way to the bank.

I like the Chinese Menu analogy, it describes it so well!

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