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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
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Sep 10, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from August 20, 2012 to July 05, 2015 — I own a copy , read count: 3

[EDIT July 6, 2015 Rereading - the LONG AWAITED third book comes out in 22 days! - my third re-read! I definitel did not do this book justice in my original review below. This is truly an amazing series (and the third book is not out yet) and the writing is spectacular. It takes a really good author to slowly develop characters so you hardly realize when you begin to care so much for them.

There are three series by three different authors (Kelly Creagh, Maggie Stiefvater, Michelle Hodkin) that I have found just amazing and different than all others I have read - (not all series finished yet). They remind me of each other although so different. All are beautifully written, all have a supernatural twist but no vampires, werewolves, angels, faeries etc. Most of all throughout the stories the reader has no idea what is going on but a deep need to know. So very very unique. And the characters....you struggle to understand along with them. The three series are this one, The Raven Boys, and the Mara Dyer series. All are YA and I recommended all three to my very grown up brother (we are both grandparents) and he was hooked has nothing but good things to say about them. So kudos to authors who can write something so different and so intriguing. Since I have already read the second book which was amazing, I am on to my re-read in preparation for the third book at the end of the month.]

Review 2012 Wow..different. I would suggest going to a site like Wikki and reading about Edgar Allen Poe before delving into this book. I was glad that I did as I was just a tad less lost than if I had not. Be sure to read about Poe's mysterious death and check out his stories Ligeia and The Masque of the Red Death as well as his famous poem, The Raven. Now that you are prepared, start reading. All this is not necessary of course, but at least read about his death.

Isobel is a cheerleader in high school, and I rather do not like reading about high school cheerleaders. However, in this book it works. There are 543 pages in this book and for the first about 130 I really was not very interested. It's one of those books where I would say, just keep reading. The next 400 pages or so are going to be intense, confusing, mysterious, macabre at times, romantic in a distant way that worked for me. It was not until close to the end that I even started to understand what was happening to Isobel and Varen.

But let me go back. Isobel is assigned a partner in her English class to do a presentation on an author. To her horror she is partnered with Varen, one of the goths complete with dyed black hair, a lip ring, chains dangling from his pocket, black boots. The only non typical thing about him (to me) is that he is not all in black but wears a dark green jacket with a picture of an upside down bird pinned to the back. Varen decides they need to do the project on Edgar Allen Poe. Isobel must get a passing grade on this project or she will be off the cheerleader squad and not be able to go to Nationals (she seems to be more of a gymnest than a stand up cheerleader which made me like her a little better). Her attempts to work with Varen on this project, her jock boyfriend's reactions as well as her friends are pretty predictable. I liked the way as Isobel proceeds through a lot of very weird things that are happening, she learns a lot about who her friends are and who are not and that life is not as simple as she thought in her beautiful little world as Miss Popularity. An interesting character enters the story although she has been there all along in the form of the girl with the next locker who wears strange clothes and runs around with a hippy group. Beneath Isobel's notice previously, Gwen becomes a real part of her life and her only thing close to a confidant. Throughout this book Isobel has to constantly stuggle with what is a dream and what is reality and just what or who is Varen? It takes a very good author to make me fall for a goth guy with a lip ring and dyed black hair, but in this case, it happened. The romance is subtle but very very well done.

A cute bit of humor is added in the form of Isobel's video game crazed younger brother who she does not get along with, but he seems to be there for her when she needs him. Unlike a lot of other YA books I have read, Isobel's parents are quite nice people, strict with her as it seems like she is grounded through most of the book. Her family loves her and she loves them which is cool.

I am leaving out one major character because you need to find a lot of this out as you go along. Hint - it is why I told you to read about Poe's death before starting this book.

This book is pretty much a roller coaster read and it definitely is a mystery. Not solved at the end although you get some answers, so I assume there MUST be going to be a next book.

[Edit] I first read this book in January 2011 when I wrote the review above. Just finished for the second time so I will be ready for Enshadowed that will be released next week. I am glad I re-read it because I would have been lost starting the sequel if I had not. I enjoyed it once again, still not totally understanding it but well enough to want to learn more! [Edit#2] Just finished Enshadowed - INCREDIBLE SECOND BOOK TO A TRILOGY!

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Cindy I really liked your review. I was wondering was there any bad language in this, if you remember. I have a young teen reader. thanks

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I don't remember any bad language but wouldn't guarantee it. Nothing that was really offensive but I wasn't reading it thinking about young teens. I have an almost 13 year old granddaughter who reads a lot of these YA books and I do pay some attention to that. It's definitely a different kind of story.

message 3: by Jeanine (last edited Jun 15, 2011 08:44PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jeanine Well said, Terry! I really liked how you reviewed this book. I just finished it last night and feel sad that I have to wait until January before I can read about Varen and Isobel!!! I really like them... ALOT! lol

Cindy... I know you asked Terry months ago, but if you haven't let your teen read it yet, go ahead. There is no bad language and no sexual content. It is a little dark because it is centered around Edgar Allen Poe's works, but nothing kids aren't already reading in the Harry Potter books.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Oh, glad you liked it Jeanine! It is different, isn't it? I am taking it down tomorrow when I visit my son's family and loan it to my granddaughter. (she is 17). And we are going book shopping!

Jeanine I loved it!!! The ending left me a little angry, but that's only because I wanted more, not because it was bad :) I really like Varen, I might add him to my book crushes... lol. So, that is where you have been, huh? Visiting family? I was wondering where you went. I totally miss your conversatoin, so... have plenty of it for me when you get back! lol

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Terry...you make me want to read it NOW! But I'm seriously trying to wait till all the books are out!

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) If you don't want to re-read, you should wait. I was kind of glad I did re-read it - it is one of those that keeps you waiting a LONG time before you even start to understand what is going on. This time I paid closer attention though because I knew that. Because you pay attention to detail you probably will do well with it. I can't say I grasp it all even now but enough to be intrigued. Definitely brush up on Poe (who was seriously weird IMO) first.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I will keep all those tips in mind Terry when I do read it!

Rebecca ♥ Matrim, Kishan, Magnus ♥ You have reminded me how much I loved this book! Maybe I should re-read it too. I also own a copy. Although this had no trouble keeping my attention from the very beginning. I loved Varen and he was introduced in the first chapter so the book wasted no time. And I really loved the scene in the ice cream parlour, which was only a few chapters in.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) That's funny because Varen had to grow on me. And then I was surprised at how much he appealed to me. It's great writing. And yes, the ice cream scene is excellent. And loved when he brought her the ice cream via the roof of her house.

Rebecca ♥ Matrim, Kishan, Magnus ♥ Michele (CanadianTwiMom) wrote: "I will keep all those tips in mind Terry when I do read it!"

Yeah, its a really good idea to read Ligeia, The Masque of the Red Death and The Raven by Poe before the book and about his death. I already knew a lot about Poe and had read all his works before I read Nevermore. But it is an excellent idea for those who havent.

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