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Bad Case of Loving You by Laney Cairo
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Some thoughts on this book:

I'd rate it somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars. I gave it a 4 on here because overall I did really enjoy reading it.

What I Loved:

-the relationship between the two M.C.'s (Andrew and Matthew)-it's raunchy. It's sweet. It's well written and worth the read alone.
-the character 'F'/Dr. Seagate-he's hilarious and very open minded which I loved-loved!
-the painting aspect weaved throughout w/ Andrew
-the medical theme to some extent....

What I didn't like so much:

-Where was the background? I didn't find out anything about why they were dom/sub (not that they really were) Why was Andrew happily (it appeared) married to a woman and then suddenly divorced and playing for the other team? ...(view spoiler) He is probably bisexual-but none of this is discussed.
-The dom/sub aspect wasn't very well written,imo. There's no background on it and it's very very light and non-existent. If you're going to do dom/sub you kind of just have to do it and not incorporate what might be aspects of it with no structure whatsoever
-The parts of the anatomy during sex-let's get serious here-it kind of dampers down what would otherwise be pretty hot and raunchy sex scenes when one of the m.c's is listing the body parts he is touching out loud in his head...

So-overall it was very well written but the plot was a little lacking (not a whole lot going on) and background information on the m.c's was almost non-existent. It has "fisting" in it-but it is not very graphic AT ALL so even if you have a problem with it-reading this book shouldn't be much of a problem. It was mostly good and sweet raunchy (combo) but some aspects of the sex such as the poor dom/sub relationship setup (imo) and too much medical talk during the sex itself took away. I would still recommend it though and it was a very entertaining and easy read that I read within one sitting.
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82.0% "This is really good raunchy and very sweet at the same time but I want to know more background on Andrew-is he bisexual? What made him decides to switch from being married to a woman to men? What caused his divorce,etc. Also the medical terminology during the sex is kind of going a little overboard with the medical theme. Those are really my only gripes though otherwise I am loving it! Love F!!!"

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