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Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers
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May 23, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on December 28, 2010

“Don’t divide me into before and after.”

I was really eagerly awaiting Summers’ new novel, FALL FOR ANYTHING, and luckily, it did nothing wrong. In FFA, Summers takes a break from the lives of mean-girls and dives into the grieving heart of a daughter of a suicidal.

I mean, as per usual, Summers created a book that is all lyrics – without it being poetry – is all sad – without being a complete downer – and is all real and gritty and raw – without her having to even try. Although I was a bit nervous about her leaving behind her normal area of expertise, I now have an even stronger love for Summers because she is elastic. She can create a broken girl with a broken family and a broken friendship and a little inkling of hope and she can make the book enjoyable and whole-hearted and fantastic all the same.

Eddie was such a strong character, even though absolutely everything tore her apart. My favourite quote of hers is the legendary, “my hands are dying,” (which later becomes of semblance) and although such a shallow four-lettered sentence, it strikes you hard. Especially as a first line to a book. Milo, her struggling best friend, was absolutely lovable and real and I was routing for him the entire time. The entire book Milo as arguing with Eddie and I was like, “wow, so this is what an actual friendship looks like.” Because in YA, you don’t always find an actual honest-to-God loving friendship looks like. Or actual best-friends-turned-kinda-smitten, an act I love even more.

I have this feeling reserved just for Courtney Summers novels – this raw feeling in my throat, heart and stomach that totally keeps me dead (but alive) until the very last page. This author has this gift to make people of any age – although she writes YA, her novels fit perfectly for anybody over the age of thirteen – cry and laugh all in the same chapter. She writes her characters with realistic issues that actually seem to define the character – she does this for her main characters, for romantic leads, potential best friends, and very, very annoying, pesty aunt-like figures. You can really feel that whatever Summers writes comes from the heart and that she really loves everything she’s doing. She believes in it. And I believe in her. So Summers? Do me a favour and write some more.
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Quotes Alyssa Liked

Courtney Summers
“Milo and I have this drinking game about Beth: every time she annoys me, we drink.

She annoys me alot.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Courtney Summers
“This is awful. This is so hopeless. We're all lost in different ways, so how do we even help each other find our way out. We won't. We can't. We'll just stay lost forever.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Courtney Summers
“I close my eyes and think of the photograph Culler showed me. I see it in my head perfectly. He'll be there, at that school. Another piece of my father. And then another. Six pieces. I will find them all, put them together. I'll find him.
And then I'll let him go.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Courtney Summers
“When I found my dad, I knew things were going to change forever, but sitting next to her, getting ready to see my dad buried, I felt it in a different way. Everything ached.
This reminds me of that - how it aches.
But it's a better ache, too.
I'm hopeful.
I can't remember the last time I felt hopeful.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Courtney Summers
“I hear the unmistakable sound of glass breaking and I start apologizing to no one, trying to pick it up again, but I can't.
I can't get my hands to work because they're too cold.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Courtney Summers
“I'm always leaving, but I never have anywhere to go.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

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12/28/2010 page 90
40.0% "Oh, Summers, how I love your rawness. And your male characters. Especially the OTHER guy. :)"
12/28/2010 page 121
54.0% "Oh my... No words for how...awesome... Eddie's hands are cold. I put down the book and so were mine. Poor Milo."

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