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The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor
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Sep 09, 2010

it was amazing

The Women of Brewster Place was an intersting novel to read. It represented the life of women today and then and the struggles many of them faced and still are facing. Gloria takes each woman and places them in the same home, Brewster Place. This place was not a pretty one; it was broken down, tiny, clustered, dirty, and dangerous. Brewster Place is last resort for many people and/or the only affordable place at the time. Each woman have a story. They all have a story to tell in where it explains why they are where they are, their plans to move on, and hidden insecurities and fears in life. Each story is connected to one another. The role model of all the women comes straight from the beginning; she is the tree trunk and everyone else branches from her whether it is using her for comfort or using her to hide their own insecurities. Gloria makes this novel protray how women are viewed in societies. These women had many similarities, but the most important while living in Brewster Place was hope. Every individual women had hope to leave Brewster Place and make a better living for themselves. For example, Loraine struggled to keep her hope of being accepted for being a lesbian. Though she felt like giving up and losing hope, she did not. It was an obsticle for Loraine living in a small area where most of the people do not accept her sexual orientation; she still kept living and hoping. I enjoyed The Women of Brewster Place and indeed do recommend it.
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