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The Breach by Patrick  Lee
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Oct 02, 2010

really liked it
Read from September 25 to October 01, 2010

** spoiler alert ** There are two genres of reading I have been neglecting for quite some time, sf and the action thriller. Luckily, I stumbled across Patrick Lee's debut novel The Breach, which allowed me to combine both in one fell swoop. I'm not sure why I grabbed this book, but I'm happy I did.

The Breach is set in a fairly typical modern setting, with one conceit--the eponymous "Breach". 30 years in the past, an experiment gone wrong opens a gateway to . . . somewhere else. This gateway and its "entities" lead to drastic changes in the understanding and safety of our world, though this is kept secret from most of humanity.

30 years later, Travis Chase stumbles across a crashed 747 while hiking solo through the Alaskan wilderness. The jet is littered with murdered passengers, including the wife of the President, and this discovery leads to Chase's incredibly fast-paced introduction to the clandestine organizations in charge of, or wanting to control, the Breach and the objects that come through it.

I was giddy with the pace of the beginning of the novel--Chase is thrown into the sh*t immediately, and the action is balls-to-the-wall and fun as hell. The pace doesn't relent until the middle of the novel, when Lee necessarily introduces more exposition to get the reader "up to speed" with the goings on of the post-Breach world.

Interspersed amongst the book's chapters are flashbacks that give more insight into the background of Travis, and why he is able to hold his own in this new world. Lee does a good job of developing Travis, as well as his equally skilled love interest Paige.

Lee spends the second half of the novel building the world and it's changes wrought by alien high-tech artifacts that come through the Breach from time to time. The novel finishes with a nicely tied up fast-paced ending, revealing a nice twist that will continue the action in the sequel.

The Breach was a welcome change from what I've been reading lately, and I definitely look forward to it's sequel this fall. Recommended.

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