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Coming Undone by Susan Andersen
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Sep 07, 2010

did not like it
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Listening to this at work and not laughing with thundering guffaws at the ridiculousness of it was the hardest thing I have done all year. And keep in mind I am including running 26.2 miles for a marathon as something less hard than that.

This one gets plus points and minus points.

Plus point- No one ever calls the main character smart, so it's ok that she acts dumb a lot.

Minus point- They eat in a place called "the praire dog cafe"

Plus point- The psycho stalker nutjob guy is believably psycho-stalkery

Minus point- They stay in a place called "The wind blew inn"

Minus point- No man that I have ever met would ever say to his brother-in-law "I am going to go fishing and then get some serious snuggle time in with my woman." I believe if a guy said that to me about my sister, I would have to hit him. And this was dialogue between ex-marines.

Plus point- There was less shopping in this.

Minus point- There was shopping in it.

Double minus point- The guy in this not only enjoys the day out to the spa for Nell (the required plump friend who always gets a makeover in every romance novel).

Triple minus point- And then he actually thinks to himself, "Her highlights not only accentuate her face but make her eyes look bluer" Again, no man I have ever met will think that about their girlfriends' friends' haircut. Ever.

Quadruple minus point- In addition he asks Nell if she wants to keep the braid that she has lopped off. A thought that would not occur to most men.

Plus point- There was less country music in it than expected.

Minus point- Shania Twain is quoted more than once.

Minus point- All of the men are always perfectly built.

Minus point- None of the men ever exercise.

Minus point- They must be on the 'roids.

Plus point- I didn't absolutely hate the majority of the characters.

Minus point- Everyone in the book is really fixated on PJ's posterior. She always thinks it's too big, her friends agree. All the men that see her like it that way. She is simply insecure and should maybe buy the "buns of steel" video.

Minus point- Every single woman in the book is attracted to the guy, Jared.

Plus point- He isn't going after every woman in sight.

Minus point- PJ never believes that he is not after every woman in sight
even though he never makes any indication that he is.

Plus point- It was shorter than the last romance I listened to.

Winner? No one.

Loser? Me for having listened to it.

Pre-listen guess.

There are two things in life I absolutely cannot stand. Country Music and trashy romance novels. Oh boy, this is a trashy romance about country music.
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