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A Kiss to Remember by Teresa Medeiros
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Kalo Charming a Prince tema nya Cinderella, ini a kiss to remember tema nya Sleeping beauty…

Tapi yg jadi sleeping beauty nya bukan heroine melainkan si hero Sterling Harlow, the seventh duke of Devonbrooke.. LOL

Ketika umurnya msh 9taon Sterling ‘di jual’ ama orangtuanya ke sixth duke of devonbrooke, paman dr bapaknya sndiri.
Kalo anak lain di jual trus mo di jadiin duke pasti senangnya bukan main, Sterling jusrtu sebaliknya dia gak mau, dia marah, kecewa bahkan jd benci ma ortunya..
Masa kecilnya ini yg membuat dia jd sinis dan dingin, org2 bahkan menjulukinya The Devil..

Pas pulang dr tugas militernya, Sterling dpt info kalo ibu nya sudah meninggal. Bapaknya sndri sdh lama meninggal akibat trlalu banyak minum.
Info trsebut datang dr surat yg di kirim Miss Laura Fairleigh, gadis yatim piatu yg tinggal brsama ibu nya Sterling.
Miss Laura mempertanyakan ttg nasib Arden Manor, rumah yg skrg dia dan adik2nya tempati..
Dengan bgitu banyak estate yg di miliki Sterling, Arden Manor gak bernilai sama sekali..
Tpi, kenangan indah masa kecilnya di sana membuat sterling gak rela melepaskan rumah itu..
Jadi dia berniat mengambil alih rumah warisan trsbut.. Sterling pun berencana pulang.

Laura fairleigh adalah gadis yg penuh dgn impian, dia pengen memliki suami yg too good to be true..
Bahkan dia sudah memiliki nama suami impian nya itu, Nicholas ato Gabriel ato Etienne.. Asal jgn yg seperti Sterling Harlow, Laura sangat membenci Sterling bahkan walo belum prnah bertemu…karna Sterling tidak pernah sekalipun membalas surat Lady Eleanor..
Menurut mendiang Lady Eleanor, Laura bisa mewarisi Arden Manor jika dia menikah sebelum genap 21taon..
Apa daya semua pria yg mendekati nya jauh dr tipe pria idamannya..

Setelah selesai mengucapkan doa ini:
"Um, God? I'm terribly sorry to trouble you, Sir, especially after having all of those uncharitable thoughts about Lord Devil"—she winced—"I mean, Lord Devonbrooke. But it seems the children and I are in something of a pickle."
"I hate to be such a bother when I know I haven't been as faithful as I should," she continued. "Why, only last week I neglected my psalms two mornings in a row, drifted off to sleep before I'd finished my prayers, gobbled up the last scone when I knew Lottie wanted it, and snapped at Cookie for burning the porridge. Then when I scalded my cheek with the hair tongs, I said a very wicked word”
"I wouldn't have troubled you at all, but if I am to thwart this Lord Devil"—she winced again—"Lord Devonbrooke… and keep a roof over the children's heads, it seems I must wed before my birthday. Which leaves me lacking in only one thing—a gentleman that I might marry."
"So that's what I'm asking you to send me, Sir. A gentle man, a decent man, a man who will cherish me for all the years we shall live as man and wife. I'd like for him to have a warm heart, a faithful soul, and a fondness for regular bathing. He doesn't have to be terribly handsome, but it would be nice if he wasn't abominably hairy and had a reasonably straight nose and all his teeth." She grimaced. "Or at least most of them. I'd rather he not beat me, even when I deserve it, and I'd like for him to come to love George and Lottie as I do. Oh, and a tolerance for kittens might ease things considerably."
"Thank you for all of our blessings. Give Papa and Mama and dear Lady Eleanor all our love, and amen."

Laura di kejutkan dengan adanya tubuh seorang pria di bawah pohon oak..
Krna penasarn laura pun mendekati nya bahkan dia m-e-n-c-i-u-m pria yg sedang tidak sadar itu!!!!!! LOL

Pria itu malah membalas ciuman Laura, wkwkwkwk
Yg bikin Laura tambah trkejut pas ntu stranger nanya : who am i?
Langsung aja Laura jawab : you’re mine… LOL
Tuhan baru saja menjawab doa2nya… ^^

Nicholas Raidcliffe, nama yg di berikan Laura buat ‘tunangan’nya itu..
Kocak bgt d, walo sudah di peringatkan apa konsekuensi ma ade2nya dan pengurus rumah yg sudah dianggap keluarga, Laura teteup kekeuh menjalankan misi nya demi masa depan kedua ade nya..
‘Nicholas’ sendiri biar lagi hilang ingatan gak percaya ama satu pun cerita Laura ttg diri nya, krna menurut Laura dia org yg sangaaaaaaaaaat baik ky malaikat…
Yang dia pengen prcaya cuma satu Laura ntar lagi bakalan jd istri nya…
Laura juga sukses mngajak Nicky masuk Gereja,,, Nicky yakin sebelum hilang ingatan dia tidak pernah berdoa dan tidak dekat dgn Tuhan..

Lucu bgt pas penduduk desa nanya ttg prtunangan rahasia mereka dan bgmn perasaan Laura waktu gak ada Nicky n gmana pas Nicky dating…
Jawab Laura:
"I kissed him more than you'll ever know."
The crowd fell into a sudden silence while Nicholas cleared his throat and scuffed at the ground with the toe of his shoe.
Laura could feel herself turning bright pink. "I mean, I missed him more than you'll ever know."

Ngakak guling2….

Pokonya seruuuu bgt d pas mrka married, Sterling inget kembali siapa dia…
N kali ini dia yg maksa laura buat nikah lagi scara resmi, kali ini sterling bukan Nicholas yg tanda tangan di surat nikah…
Aisssssssssssh, gw suka bgt ma crta g ada kabur2 nya..
Trus hero nya ngejar si heroine…….
Sukaaaaaaaaaaaa bgt….

Uniknya di awal tiap chapter ada satu ato dua baris isi surat lady Eleanor buat sterling,,, -yg biking w terharu- hiksssssss

My darling son, my hands are shaking as I pen this letter…
It seems an eternity since I last laid eyes on your sweet face …
Sometimes I feel as if you are a stranger to me…
But at other times, I feel as if you must still be my precious little boy.
Missing you has driven me nearly mad with grief…
You were always such a perfect angel…
Although I let them take you away from me, I have always kept you dose to my heart…
I pray for you every night without fail …
Sometimes I wonder if you even remember me…
Although I don't deserve it, God has blessed me with a new family.
I adore the little ones, but it is the oldest girl who has stolen my heart….
She has the gentlest of dispositions, but she's a bit of a dreamer…
Sometimes she tends to act before she thinks without counting the cost…
I fear her impetuous nature might lead her into harm's way.
I only wish she had a man such as you to watch over her.
You've lived long enough now to know that sometimes people do all the wrong things…
… for all the right reasons.
I swear I never meant to hurt you.
I wanted only what was best for you.
I pray every day that you will find a woman to share your life… …
a woman who will love you as much as I always have.
I hope you'll spoil her as I wish I could have spoiled you…
…and that she will prove worthy of your devotion.
I still see your face in my dreams.
And I wish those dreams could go on forever…
But even the sweetest of dreams must come to an end…
I pray that someday you will find it in your heart to forgive me…
But even if that day should never come, know that I will always love you…

Ama ini kutipan dr surat yg laen:

Wherever this life may take you, know that I will follow. And if I can't, then I will send one of God's angels in my stead.
Sterling laughed in spite of himself.
"You sent me an angel, all right, Mama. An avenging one."

Aaaaaaaawwwww so damn sweet XD
TM jd salah 1 author HR favorit gw bangett -YAY-
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Aline Waaaaaaaaaa... baca review amel jd kepengen bacaaaaaaa.. bingung.. bingung.. terlalu bnyk pilihan..

Amelia Fransiska tenqiu sista udah di like ^^
ini lebi ringan n lucu cerita nya sist
ky charming the prince, ;D

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Veeta ripiu dari amel selalu bikin daku mupeng....

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Dewi Read mmmm sepertinya ni delicious......*yummy

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Veeta ya ampuuuuun aku dulu pernah komen yah tapi kok dulu bisa ga ngeh ya kalau ini tu buku yang selama ini judulnya kucari2....*hmpfh*

Amelia Fransiska Hahayyyy... Dari ktober taon lalu lho komen nya vitaaa "̮♡hϱ♡hϱ♡hϱ♡"̮

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