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The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen
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** spoiler alert ** Not your run of the mill chick-lit-beach-read novel. I've read more of those in the past year than I care to admit. It was incredibly refreshing in the approach this book took. Lindsey may have been in advertising (rather than PR or publishing) but the author actually took the time to research the world of NY Advertising to actually teach the reader a little bit about it all. And while Lindsey did chuck her life for a new one, it wasn't to live in some exotic location (unless you consider suburban Washington DC exotic.) She may have moved back home with mom, but mom still lived with dad, in a kind of quirky retiree world of sales and early bird dinners.

Lindsey leaves her shining career and path to VP of the ad agency all behind because of an enormous out-of-character mistake she made that sidelines her completely. So instead of being the brilliant success she's been on the glide path for, which would finally help her come out from the shadow of her gorgeous, successful, TV reporter twin sister, finds her back at home, with mom buttering her toast, and Lindsey struggling to find her feet again.

What was nice for me was that Lindsey's growth and finding a new place to "be" involved not a man, or glamor, but a true journey inside herself to dust out the cobwebs and take a look around. She opens her eyes to herself, her past, her assumptions, and ultimately her future. The Lindsey of Blind Dates (the shoestring business she gets involved with after intervening for May, the owner, when her ex was threatening her) is not the same Lindsey who left NYC. That NYC Lindsey could never have had the courage to be there for beautiful Alex when her world went out of focus.

Interesting to note, (and here's a real spoiler so even if the last paragraph didn't alert you, then don't read on) the diagnosis Alex had is the same one my dear friend Lindesay had (or one of them). Their pathways were different, but I found myself remembering a wonderful soul who I miss.

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