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Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson
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Sep 13, 2010

really liked it
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Read in September, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I have to admit that for the first... however many chapters, I began to fear that this much Betsy would give me a migraine. Her thoughts have become more and more unfocused over the years, which is a pretty impressive feat, and she hasn't had the best track record for the last few books. Bad Things keep happening.

Which, when you stop to think about it, is a pretty nifty little trick. The Undead series has managed to become darker and far less safe than other, "Oooh, we're so dark and spooky and edgy!" supernaturally themed series. And it actually works.

That out of the way, you know (much like Betsy does) that when the Antichrist starts flipping out on earth and Satan tells her the only way to keep semi-sane is for a visit to Hell, Nothing Good Will Come Of It.

And, like Betsy, you will be right and wrong on at least one count.

Laura and Betsy hop through time in an effort to help Laura master time travel so she won't need to punch Betsy every time she needs to hop back fifty years or something. Because Betsy is being used as Laura's focus/anchor, they land in various times throughout history at important dates in Betsy's life, as well as those of Sinclair and other close friends. There's a Knight Rider reference I don't get, but later the Quantum Leap reference you've been waiting for comes in. (I can't tell if the author scrambled them or if Betsy did, or if I just don't remember KITT and Michael jumping through time.)

Somewhere I had a point, and wait... here it is. Back at the start of the book, Betsy began to worry about how very little she knew about Sinclair and Tina, despite relying on them so heavily and loving them. Naturally, the kicker is that as they talk to her she zones out heavily. So her time travels help her catch up on the information she's either never bothered to ask about or just zoned out for when it was previously shared.

A lot of things, like Tina's unwavering belief in Betsy when most sane people would have run far, far away, are explained. While one time travel Do Over is allowed, another is not.

And the book ends with a not quite cliffhanger that should make you worry, a lot, about the future for Betsy and company, as well as prompting the Ew! response.

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