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Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice
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Sep 05, 10

it was amazing
bookshelves: erotic-romantic-suspense, 5-star-erotic-romance
Read in March, 2009

4.5 stars. Hot lustful sex scenes, no kinkiness. Former Navy SEAL protects delicate heroine from a hitman.

Suzanne inherited a factory building which she converted into two units. Each unit has an office for the public in front and an apartment in the back (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) Suzanne is an interior decorator. She works and lives in her unit. Suzanne placed an ad for a tenant to rent the second unit. John sees the ad and ends up renting the second unit. He is a former navy SEAL and currently has a security firm. It’s love and lust at first sight. John takes Suzanne out for dinner the first night. On the second night, a hit man sneaks into Suzanne’s apartment planning to kill her. She calls John, and he is able to get there in time to save her. John takes her to a secluded cabin in the mountains until the authorities can figure out why she is a target.

I loved how John was always so intensely turned on that he couldn’t control himself and couldn’t be gentle. He tried, but his lust for Suzanne was too consuming. Character wise think powerful caveman with delicate angel. The sex, the characters and the plot were all excellent. I loved the ending. It made me think of Mr. Darcy’s “grand gesture.” Although different from Mr. Darcy’s gesture, John’s actions at the end of the book were a “grand gesture.” I loved what he did. The only weakness in the story was that a few times there was too much pondering in the minds of the characters. This book is shorter than most romance novels, but worthwhile. This is the first of three books in the Midnight series.

Story length: 208 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 6. Total number of sex scene pages: 30. Setting: Portland and the mountains in Oregon. Copyright: 2003. Genre: erotic romantic suspense.

I enjoyed an article by the author titled “Five Things You Won’t Find in a Lisa Marie Rice Novel,” dated 2/25/08. I saw this on the HarperCollins website under News. Her books do NOT include 1. Kick-ass heroines. 2. Hero hates heroine moments. 3. Sex toys. 4. Serial killers. 5. Vampires. The article was great. Two of her comments from the article follow. “I worked for many, many years in a very difficult, mostly female profession which was chockablock with alpha females who could wrestle you to the ground while quoting Hegel, in German. They knew everything, were amazingly opinionated and boy, did I grow tired of the vibe. I don’t want them in my life, why should I want them in my books?” Under sex toys she says “My men don’t need sex toys to get excited, if anything, they need to be hosed down.” I laugh at how perfectly this describes “John” in the above story.

To date, I’ve read the following Lisa Marie Rice books.

Midnight Series:
4.5 stars. Midnight Man (Book 1). Copyrt 2003. Review Date 3-17-09.
3 stars. Midnight Run (Book 2). Copyrt 2002. Review Date 3-22-09.
3.5 stars. Midnight Angel (Book 3). Copyrt 2005. Review Date 3-22-09.

3 stars. Port of Paradise. Copyrt 2003. Review Date 10-8-09.
3.5 stars. Woman on the Run. Copyrt 2004. Review Date 10-8-09.
3.5 stars. Dangerous Lover. Copyrt 2007. Review Date 3-22-09.
4.5 stars. Dangerous Secrets. Copyrt 2008. Review Date 8-24-09.
4.5 stars. Dangerous Passion. Copyrt 2009. Review Date 9-15-09.
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Norma This one took me two tries to like. I didn't like it at first, but I couldn't remember why and so many loved it. So I read it again and liked it. John was great. I've read a few more by her, but I remain unsure how much I like her. LOL I like her characters but she seems to write a formula and stick with it. I liked Midnight Angel.

Jane Stewart I agree. She pretty much writes with the same formula. But I do enjoy it.

Carrie This has been on my tbr list for ages. I've been reluctant to spend the money for it since I wasn't crazy about the other book of hers I read. Something with "dangerous" in the title. ;-) anyway, I'll have to think about this....

Jane Stewart I think this is my favorite of hers. It's the one I remember the most. But if you read another book and weren't thrilled, then maybe it's not for you. They are a lot alike.

message 5: by Lisa Kay (new) - added it

Lisa Kay Wow, 5 stars! Love your quote: "Character wise think powerful caveman with delicate angel." Loved the author's quotes from the article mentioned too.

Jane Stewart Glad you liked. Thanks Lisa Kay :)

Carrie I know I've read this review before, but I didn't comment on it so I am now. What a great review. I'm going to have to re-read this book soon.

Kathleen Loved this book!

Jane Stewart Carrie, Either I or Goodreads messed up. I just now saw your comment - over a year later!! thanks to Kathleen.
Thanks both of you.

Norma Jane, I just got a notification of Carrie's comment along with Kathleen and yours. How weird!

And I just re-read this whole review and laughed at how aptly "needs to be hosed down" fits John.

I think I'll give this one a reread as well. I don't know that I loved it as much as you did first time around. I do enjoy her alphas tho. They're cavemen for sure, but they're not jerks. It's a fine line and she manages not to cross it.

message 11: by Jane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jane Stewart Hey Norma, Now you’ve got me thinking about rereading. I could use a dose of feel good. Glad to make you laugh.

Kathleen The re-reading bug must be contagious! After seeing this review a few days ago, I just had to go re-read it. And then I re-read Midnight Angel, too. Haha!

Norma I started it last night. I wasn't interested in much I had on the Kindle (I'm working my way through a boring,yet informative book on parenting teens and it makes me want to rip my hair out). So John Huntington is seeming pretty good right about now.

Carrie That's so odd about Goodreads! I reread this book sometime in the last year, but I've never gone on to any of the subsequent books. LMR is very much hit and miss for me...or rather, she's more miss with an occasional hit. ;-) This is a hit.

Norma I agree Carrie. I read and liked Midnight Angel, but I don't remember loving that one either. I did enjoy a couple she wrote as .... whatever her other pen name is (escapes me at the moment).

message 16: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth Jane, thanks for the article info. this review went above and beyond. Do you recommend any particularly useful/spectacular sources for other such articles I could seek? I'd love some suggestions since I've been in a romance reading slump lately. It's so unlike me, therfowe I could really use any suggestions you might have! Thanks for being awesome and composing such thoughtful reviews. When I joined goodreads years ago, those were the kinds of things that drew me in, very much in the way of Pinterest in its earlier days.

message 17: by Jane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jane Stewart Elizabeth wrote: "Jane, thanks for the article info..."

Aw, thanks Elizabeth.

Here are some thoughts. Hope they help.

When I first started reading Lisa Marie Rice, I went to her website to learn more about what books she had out. That was before I joined Goodreads which gives me great listings of all or most of authors’ books. LM Rice had a link to that article on her site.

Since then I have become a fan of certain authors on Goodreads. (I’m not sure whether I marked them as a “favorite author” or marked them as “following” or being a “fan” but whatever Goodreads calls it these days.) Anyway Goodreads sends me notices whenever any of them write things in their blogs or elsewhere. I’m glad to get those notices.

There are two romance bloggers I subscribe to and like:

I also like their podcasts. Sarah (of smart bitches) does all the narrating and posts them on Fridays. About once a month or six weeks, Jane Litte (of dear author) joins her. I subscribe to those podcasts through iTunes. Those podcasts are titled “New and Improved - Now With More Awesome!” Itunes won’t let them use the word bitches in the title.

I’ve also discovered other podcasts that I enjoy - although they are not related to romance novels. They are:
Ted Radio Hour
The Narrative Breakdown
Planet Money
Freakonomics Radio
Intelligence Squared
Intelligence Squared US
Sex Nerd Sandra (she no longer does them weekly, but some of her early podcasts are entertaining and informative)

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