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Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard
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Sep 04, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: contemporary-romantic-suspense
Read in January, 2008

I love this author, but I don't recommend this book. Roanna lost her parents at age 7.

She then lived with an evil cousin Jessie who bullied and tormented her constantly for 10 years. Jessie was killed and the relatives at first believed Roanna did it, then later believed Webb did it so he left town for 10 years. He made erroneous assumptions about Roanna and acted like he hated her as he left. He was the only one who cared for her and raised her from age 7, and she felt abandoned. Other relatives came to live in the house with Roanna and treated her badly for the next 10 years. I have four problems with this book. First, Roanna was too much of a victim and everyone else contributed to it. The grandmother should have done more to protect and help Roanna, especially when Roanna was initially accused of the murder by the relatives. I did not enjoy having the majority of the story dealing with the sadness, grief and helplessness of this victim. My second complaint is that Roanna and Webb both lusted for and loved each other but they stayed away from each other due to making wrong assumptions. He felt like he forced sex on her, and said it wouldn't happen again. She thought he didn't like sex with her and didn't want her anymore so she said she understood and that she would leave him alone. He said you don't understand anything, but he didn't clarify. She thought he didn't want her. I don't know why he continued to stay away from her. This went on for most of the book. She was honest in her communication, but he was not. Finally when they did get together he said "I've tried to stay away from you." She said "Why." He said "God knows." Later he said "I thought I was being noble by not taking advantage of you." I never did understand his reasons. He should not have stayed away from her like that and should have been more direct in his communication with her. Third, the author spent too much time inside Roanna's head, thinking and worrying about things. Many of these worries were based on erroneous assumptions or could have been solved. Some of this bored me. Fourth, I was confused about cousins who shared the same grandmother being able to marry and produce offspring with genetic safety. This sounded like they were too closedly related to me, but I'm not familiar enough with genetics to know. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: nine. Setting: 1990s Alabama. Copyright: 1996. Genre: contemporary romantic suspense.
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Avid Reader I agree with you! I have say I don't like how he actually DID take advantage when he forced sex on her. Then claiming he was too noble to take advantage! He already did!

message 2: by Jane (new) - rated it 1 star

Jane Stewart Thanks Nada.

April They don't actually share a grandmother. Webb's grandfather was Roanna's & Jessie's grandmother's brother. This makes them second cousins. While its unusual for 2nd cousins to marry in this day & age, it isn't unheard of & carries no inherent genetic risks to their offspring.

Carol Storm I actually enjoyed this book a lot but your review shows how the plot does have some weaknesses.

message 5: by Jane (new) - rated it 1 star

Jane Stewart Carol wrote: "I actually enjoyed this book a lot but your review shows how the plot does have some weaknesses."

I read this 6 years ago and I’ve totally forgotten everything. As I look at my review, it rambles and confuses me. Sometimes if a couple wants each other but stay away from each other it can work. Apparently this didn’t work for me. But hey I’m glad it worked for you. Thanks Carol.

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