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Sep 04, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from December 05 to 21, 2010

Note: OMG the ending, God the ending kills man, you've got to read this blah blah blah. Love it I need the next book right now!

Book Review for Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
(Ray William Johnson Style)

Note: Ray William Johnson is one of my fave vloggers on Youtube. His videos are called Equals Three or =3 and he's *bleep sound* funny, need I say more?

What's Happening Forum?

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Guys now I'm going to review this book and yeah let's use pros and cons to make it a teensy bit organize...shall we?

Cool Transition

1. Okay the Unseelie Court was super bad-ass.

2. Queen Mab was super bad-ass, seriously.

3. The two other Unseelie Prince were super duper hawt. Though Sage died like pretty fast and I was like OMG Sage's dead, what the *bleep sound* !

4. The Queen of the Exiles Lea was super bad-ass (the *bleep sound* with this word? Is this the word of the day or something?).


6. Puck was *bleep sound* funny and super bad-ass.(why the *bleep sound* is this review so retarded?)

7. It got me surprised that tuuuuut is Meghan's tuuuuuut and it was like Holy *bleep sound* Christ Geezus! ***Using My Ray William Johnson Voice*** (That really got me blindsided there in a major way and I love that when I think about it, Kagawa gave subtle foreshadowing on it but still when that came out, I was really surpised about it...sorry I'm a blabber)

8. The Meghann, Ash and Puck teen love drama was *bleep sound* hilarious. (Is this a *bleep sound* comedy or something)

Now on with the bad stuff

Cool Transition

1. Another *bleep sound* Twilight rip-off crap wanna be...
Is it just me or there we go again with the *bleep sound* similarities...

Meghan= Bella
Ash= Edward
Puck= Jacob

Twilight Demotivational Poster Pictures, Images and Photos

Come on! This becoming so *bleep sound* annoying and old already! (Using My Bella Swan Whiny Voice)

2. Meghan is *bleep sound* ANNOYING BITCH...
I *bleep sound* hate her...Why the hell these guys falling head over heels on this girl...she's just soooooooo can I say *BLEEP SOUND* IRRITATING AND SELFISH.

3. Meghan and Ash's relationship felt contrived. It is abrupt and like there's no reason at all why the *bleep sound* they love each other. It's like it's just there for the sake of a bad-ass Romeo and Juliet like Romance. But it is unrealistic and unbelievable.

4. Meghan don't *bleep sound* deserve Puck! Seriously he's your best friend and you're just using him and manipulating his feelings. You don't deserve him AT ALL!

Cool Transition
So much for the drama...

But you know what's cooler than this review? The comment question of the day and it goes like this...

Who is the worst YA Heroine ever and why?

Just post your comments on the comment section BBRREELLLOOWWW

*insert song: stalking your mom, stalk-stalk-stalking your mom, stalking your mom*

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Note: I'll post after a week on my review, the top 5 funniest comments I'll found, so post people or die!

Cool Transition

Dear Puck,

If I'm going to see you in person baby, I'm going to welcome you with open legs (Geezus! What the *bleep sound* did I write) I mean arms uuughhhh whatever.

Love ya,

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10.0% "Woooot! Rowan was HOT!"
25.0% "WTF Sage already died!" 1 comment
50.0% "Puck (T_T) I miss you! Glad you're back on the story^^"
65.0% "I wanna rip my hair off...Meghann ggggrrrrrr" 8 comments
80.0% "Geeeezus I cant believe Charles is tuuuuuuut^^"

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Hannah Shane De Leon yeah, Sage's death is devastating... :(

Gabby oh cool! Puck is back???

message 3: by Joyzi (last edited Dec 21, 2010 04:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joyzi Yeah I kinda roll on my bed and trash on my pillows when Puck's back...hey post your comment on the worst YA heroine and why...I'd love to hear what you think

Gabby nora grey,(shields myself*yikes*) i really dont like the way she thinks she's always like ''im so drawn to patch'' and ''i melted like butter when patch kissed my shoulder'' it annoys me that she has to act as if she hates patch but she is secretly obsess with him.

Joyzi Me too Gabby I hate Nora but I really can't decide since I hate Bella, Luce, Zoey, Ever, Mary, Tally, Lena, Bianca...did I forget someone else?

Angela For me it's Bella Swan. I want to know why no one made Stephanie Meyer change Bella's name. Every time I read her name I had to put a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. This is a joke right? Bella, as in beautiful. Swan, as in she once was an "ugly duckling."

Joyzi Lol I laugh hard at that, yeah I think Bella was once an ugly duckling hahaha...I think it's part of her being Mary Sue and all.

Mary Sue needs exotic name after all! (Are Swans exotic?)

Joyzi Maaaaaaaan sure Nora Grey have so many anti-fans, poor bitch ^^ Geeezus!(sorry can't help but to say it)

Edil I didn't actually read the review coz this is still in my to-read list! hehe. Will read it soon! It seems better than the first one since you rated it 5 stars! :)

Gabby haha! LOL... Charlotte Usher of Ghostgirl is another worst YA heroine.

Joyzi @Edil it's okay to read it, I don't spoil anything biggie

Joyzi @Gabby OMG Ghostgirl I gave up after a few sentences of reading it, it's so emo it irked me.

Cindy This is really off-topic... but I ♥ Ray William Johnson, too.

Joyzi ^^ yeah he's so cool right?

Joyzi hey answer my comment question please *puppy eyes*

Denisa LMAO LOVE Ray William Johnson! :3
LMFAO your review is epic, I wanna read this book I was gonna buy it but my mom was like "It's not on sale, not now" I was just like -.-
LOL I'll try to read this soon.
I wanna know about Meghan, >.<
Ooohhh >:( i want her with PUCK, like SERIOUSLY -.-

Joyzi hey read the book it's very good, especially the ending can I say WOW

Cindy No fairrr I can't resist the puppy eyes >:[ Haha...
Bella Swan also wins worst YA heroine IMO. She is whiny and absolutely spineless. Most of the dialogue she contributes is about Edward's perfection and his endless love and strength. Although I am just slightly biased here... coughtwilighthaterherecough

Joyzi lol love that twilighthaterhere thingy, I kinda like twilight and new moon gave it 3 stars and then I read Eclipse and gave it 4 stars and then Geeeez I've read Breaking Dawn and I was totally disappointed (gave it 2 stars at least)

I only read Twilight because of Jacob Black. I'm a hard core Team Jacob^^

Kendall [Kenny] That review made me laugh so dang hard! My dad and I watch =3...ahaha. I'm still laughing.

I love the books (and the characters), but I'm liking the review anyway because you made me smile.


Joyzi Thanks Kenny hey can you answer my comment question of the day, *puppy eyes*

Toria Hahahaha, Lmao! I laugh out loud pretty much the whole time! The funniest review ive ever seen. Thanks for making my day. lol :)

Joyzi Hey answer my comment question please >.<

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) I lol'd. Best review ever. =]

Joyzi Thanks hey answer my comment question please ^^

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) What is it? And where?

Joyzi Who is the worst YA Heroine ever and why?

Joyzi Lol yeah hands down to that bitch

message 29: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Love the review n_n and to answer your question .. Zoey from House of Night - What the freak is bullpoopie!?

Joyzi Love your comment <3

I think Zoey use bullpoopie because she doesn't have the guts to say bullshit something like that.

message 31: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri At first I thought Zoey was okay but now after reading tempted I'm really sick of her so called alternative cussing. I totally agree shes like this huge 'badass' fledgling but she can't even swear.

Joyzi Yeah I think it was they wanted (the authors I mean) to show that Zoey was better than Aphrodite because you know she don't swear a lot *gags*

message 33: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Yeah, right. Just made her uber annoying. I like Aphrodite way more than Zoey.

Joyzi Yeah she's even smarter than Zoey

message 35: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri At least she develops a bit as a character. Aphrodite, I mean.

Joyzi Yeah and I love Stevie rae too and Rephaim, they just make the book meaningful

message 37: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri I agree, they were the only thing that kept me interested in Tempted.

Joyzi yeah and in Burned and Awakened too, it seems that these two are the sole reasons I kept reading the series

message 39: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Oh so nothing else really interesting happens apart from them.

Joyzi uhhhm yeah I guess so, but I still like Stark and Aphrodite

message 41: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Yeah I like them too. I just really hate Zoey and Erik too

Joyzi yeah Zoey is really annoying and idiotic especially on book 3 Chosen

message 43: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Yeah I know right she just jumps on any guy that looks at her she can't be satisfied.

Joyzi yeah that's what I really dislike about her and she's really rude at Aphrodite, idk Zoey was one big hypocrite

message 45: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri Yeah she says how Aphrodite is so mean and stuff but shes worse

Joyzi yeah that's what I'm talking about

message 47: by Ciri (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ciri yeahp.

message 48: by Faye (new) - rated it 3 stars

Faye hahaha. i wanna read the book after seeing your

Joyzi Read it Faye!

message 50: by Faye (new) - rated it 3 stars

Faye i'm looking for an ebook pa ko mahanap. do you have one??

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