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Greywalker by Kat Richardson
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Sep 04, 10

bookshelves: fantasy

** spoiler alert ** I've seen this reviewed a few times, but told myself I'd had enough of this type of book with the Anita Blake series - which I got through a handful of before I walked away and haven't looked back.

I am pleased to say...I WAS WRONG TO IGNORE IT! I picked this book up on Thursday night while perusing the bookstore shelves. I started to read it Friday morning, and was almost late for work because I got sucked into the story.

Ms. Richardson gives us a very believable character in Harper. She's a small time PI who just wants to do her job and get paid. Just like all of us. When one of her targets gets a little unruly, she dies - and is promptly brought back by the marvels of modern medicine.

When that happens, Kat starts slipping into what she later learns is called "the Grey" - that inbetween world of monsters and ghosts. While dealing with this she picks up a boyfriend, new friends in the form of a paranormal philosophy professor and his Irish witch wife, and some interesting problems - such as a vengeful spirit trapped by a necromancer, a fledgling vampire with no clue what he's doing, and the attentions of a whole flock of vampires.

Harper is skeptical, angry, and just wants to go back to her normal life. Obviously, or we wouldn't have much of a story here, she doesn't get her wish. I'm looking forward to collecting the remaining books in the series, and will watch for new additions to Harper's story.

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