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The Romantics by Galt Niederhoffer
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Sep 17, 2010

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wow. blew through this book. this book is sort of like getting an entire season of felicity or dawson's creek or something in one novel. and i sort of put it on par with that kind of story telling/setting. incestuous group of privileged white friends who are constantly stabbing each other in the back get together for the wedding of their two most lauded/hated members. it was fun, in the same way that marathon watching gossip girl is fun, but hardly profound. and that was why i had soooo much trouble with the ending.


so we go on this big ride through all the petty yesteryear remembrances of this pretty group of gorgeous squabbling preppies, complete with everybody switching husbands/boyfriends for the night and the attempted deposing of their queen bee/bride. i mean it's classic tv drama stuff. and then all of a sudden the author does this symbolic lightning bolt at the alter of the wedding and then cuts off the final chapter mid conclusion? i just felt like it was an attempt to make the story heavier than it was. if the author had just accepted this for what it was and just given us an ending (any ending, laura and tom or lila and tom, whatever) it would have been a lot better than some attempt at trying to make this guilty pleasure type of story into something you actually need your brain for.

**spoilers over**

three stars because it sucks your right in and because i am pretty sure it will make a good movie.
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message 1: by Heather (new) - added it

Heather Yay! I loved the first part of your review. (I couldn't read the spoilers part, as I haven't yet read the book). You mentioned three of my loves -- DC, Felicity & GG. I think that means I'll love this book. :)

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