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Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey
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Sep 03, 10

bookshelves: regency-romance, female-disguised-as-male, 5-star-historical-romance
Read in June, 2008

One of the best romance novels ever.

I've read a number of books by J. Lindsey and my two favorites are this book and "A Loving Scoundrel." Both of them have a girl dressed as and pretending to be a boy. I loved the characters. Good plot. Good writing. Great fun.

CAUTION SPOILERS: Georgina was dressed as a boy and thought the captain (James) believed she was a boy. James knew she was really a girl but pretended he didn't know. It was great fun to watch James try to seduce the "boy". It didn't work the way James had planned because Georgina was so ignorant of sex that she thought she was nauseous rather than turned on. I loved the ending where James purposely embarrassed her publicly so her brothers would do something.

Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: five. Setting: 1818 London, the high seas and America. Copyright: 1990. Genre: regency romance.

To date, I’ve reviewed the following Johanna Lindsey books. Dates are copyright dates.

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5 stars. A Loving Scoundrel 2004
4 ½ stars. The Magic of You 1993
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Sherring Cross Series:
4 ½ stars. Man of My Dreams 1993
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(not read) The Pursuit 2002

Other novels:
4 stars. Defy Not The Heart 1989
3 ½ stars. Warrior's Woman 1990
2 stars. The Devil Who Tamed Her 2007
1 star. Prisoner of My Desire 1991
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Carrie My library doesn't have many of her books, and mostly the ones you've given 3* or less. I wrote down the names of the others to look for at the used book stores.

Jane Stewart I hope you can find the good ones. I then hope you'll like them too.

Carrie BTW- I'm really enjoying your reviews. Thanks for taking the time to add them!

Jane Stewart Oh thanks! I told Norma I was going to try to put some of my favorites in this week (individually) before I do my bulk import. So you will proably be getting a bunch of 4 and 5 star updates from me over the next few days.

I'm going to turn off updates for the bulk so you don't get a scary spam.

Carrie Private message me when you do the big upload. I can go to your page and take a look through your books there. It makes sense to shut off the updates for a really big import. one lady I friended here added like a hundred "to-read" books the first few weeks! LOL!

Ainyanunwaulam i love your review..they we are all very useful and informative especially when you plan on buying new novel... even though most of the time our point of view somehow differ, your opinion are still one of the reason to consider when i buy a novel... keep on the good job..nice reading your review...

Jane Stewart Thank you very much Ainyanunwaulam. Half the time my best friends disagree with me too! Makes it crazy fun.

message 8: by Kym (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kym Collar I read the entire Mallory series in the space of a week. Really rude, since I was on one of my visits to Texas to visit my sister at the time. But, hey, she should have waited until the last day of the two week vacation before dragging me to her "keepers" library! James was my favorite character of the series.

Jane Stewart Oh yeah. James was/is my favorite too!

Funny about your sister and vacation - LOL.

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