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The Queen of New Beginnings by Erica James
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Sep 01, 10

it was amazing

The first half of the book is funny, emotional, brilliant and captivating. Unlike some of Erica James' other books, you don't have to read 3 chapters before you're totally engrossed. The characters are cute, eccentric, funny and distinguishable from the usual cast of characters that authors seem to draw from their cupboard of tricks. And you feel quite attached to them. For example, we're introduced to Clayton Miller (the principal male protagonist) as a lonely man who spends his time typing out his obituary with a certain amount of glee. And then there's Alice... and her story which is the best bit of the book.
I loved the book due to the revenge involved, every character who acted foolishly, or caused a hurt or loss had their comeuppance (including the principal protagonists), which brings immense satisfaction.
Unfortunately, towards the end of the book, the revenge became too convenient, opportune and rather extreme. If there was less of the revenge towards the end I thought it would have been much more realistic and given the ending some depth. Additionally, we only hear Alice's side of the story and hence I didn't feel it fair on the other characters. Albeit, due to the lack of contrition felt by the antagonists' one doesn't feel much sympathy despite the “unfair” circumstances.

Another reason why the last few chapters didn't receive my full admiration and ecstatic raptures, would be due to the rushed and almost detached way the author began writing it. The plot becomes rather silly and the pairing off of couples a bit too convenient.
Anyway, I don't want to spoil the story so to sum it up there's lots of comedy (which isn't always the case for Erica James' books), emotional family drama and a good plot. Its definitely worth reading.

Synopsis: Clayton Miller was once part of a successful duo of comedy script writers, however after the duo split (instigated by the other half of the duo) Clayton suffers writers bloc and his career and reputation suffer as a result. His long term girlfriend leaves him for his best friend and former writing partner and to make matters worse he suffers a public fall from grace, which results in the press hounding him. Thus Clayton's agent advises him to keep a low profile by staying a few weeks in a remote country house, which would hopefully enable him to pursue his writing until the press have moved onto a new celebrity to hound. At a remote country house he meets Alice Shoemaker who is a voice-over artist. Alice has a past which she is determined to keep secret, however, after forming an unlikely friendship she reveals all to Clayton. Only the consequence of this is greater than she expected.

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