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Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles
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Sep 01, 2010

it was amazing

This book is scorching hot and highly entertaining!!!! It is a breath of fresh air to the whole vampire genre setting.

In this book vampires and angles co-exist but only during their respective hours. meaning Angles can only be awake during the day, and the Vamps only at night. During their off hours they go into hibernation mode and fall asleep--out cold. The sunlight doesnt kill the vamps.

In this story, we meet Jackie Brighton who wakes up in a dumpster with little to no memory of the previous day. (Wait make that 2 days, LOL) She runs into a strikingly handsome man named Noah, who helps her remember their scorching night of passion. Litterally drained of her blood and left for dead Noah helps her realise that not only did she have sex with a fallen Angel (the-Serium) But also bitten and killed by a vampire. She wakes up re-born as a Succubus. (Neutral to both the vamps and the Serium)

Over the course of 24 hours, Jackies body has transformed from a frumpy size 14 with b-cups, to a sensual size 6 with double D's. Her plain red hair turns silky and into a gorgeous shade of striking red. She learns that she now has an "Itch" that she must fufill approx every 2 days in order to survive.

When she accidentally makes a promise to help an Angel named Uriel ("Dealers" as they are called) find out what the vampires are up to, she has no choice but to follow through on her promise. One mistake after another leads Jackie on an exciting and lust filled adventure of a life time (or After-life, LOL)

This book was amazing!!! I will continue to look for this authors work, and already have her second book on pre-order. Scorching hot sex, humor, vamps, and fallen angels, how much more fun can you squeeze into a book? If you enjoyed Richelle Meads' Georgina Kincade Succubus series, please please please read this series too!!! You will not be sorry! Im sure this is going to be deemed as my favorite book of 2010. Its definitely staying on my keeper shelf!

There is actually a decent plot to this book... since Jackie is considered neutral to both the light and dark, both sides seek her help in finding a missing artifact. But in the wrong hands could destroy everything! The Succubi are considered catnip to the vamps, and each side tries to use them to do their bidding! LOL

Also the yummy 6-pack featured on the cover of this book is of the fallen Angel, Noah; and the six pack yum yum on the cover of the second book is of the vampire, Zane.
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