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A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist
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What to do on a cold, rainy, and boring Labour Day? Why, let Deeanne Gist captivate me with her storytelling, of course. This book was so fantastic I finished it in one day and immediately booted up my computer to write this review.

One of the reasons I love authors such as Deeanne so much, is that they have breathed new life (and heat) into inspirational romances while keeping their plot and message rooted in scriptural truth and values. Any discussions or contemplations about scripture flowed seamlessly and was perfectly contextualized. Sometimes in inspirational romances, authors feel a need to insert the "preaching pages" where they dedicate 3 pages to all things spiritual and then return to the plot. With Deeanne, the spiritual aspects of the story were very believable and authenticated the development of Anna's character in light of her tragic Civil War experiences and losses.

The chemistry between Joe and Anna leaps off the pages-pages I had to use to fan myself after certain memorable scenes. Not to worry-Deeanne sticks to the inspirational romance genre by keeping romantic scenes to a PG rating, but there is no denying the tension and sparks that are flying beneath the surface!

Several chapters into the book, I stopped attempting to smother my laughter and just allowed the giggles, chuckles, and outright laughter to come bubbling out. As is true for all of Deeanne's heroines, Anna is a sassy and independent young woman who can verbally spar with the best of them. The interactions between Joe's crew add to the hilarity of this awkward arrangement that Anna has found herself in.

Do not be mistaken in assuming that this book is all fluff and no substance. While the romance element is strong and prevalent (and oh so addictive), Joe and Anna both take a personal and spiritual journeys as they come to realize what they truly value in life and what they are willing to sacrifice to live the life that God has destined for them.

Rating: 10/10

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