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Sugar Creek by Toni Blake
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This one I enjoyed more than the first, and what bothered me in One Reckless Summer bothered me less here, but were there nonetheless. Mike's back story while heartbreaking didn't hit as hard as Mick's. BUT Rachel was SO much more interesting than Jenny. I got Rachel. I really understood this girl's dilemma, and why she left Destiny and why she wanted to leave again. It was as simply that it's difficult for a person to leave a whole life despite movie and novel endings. Does this one have a happy one? Of COURSE it does, but still, I thought her conflict was honest.

Also, I like that these two didn't rush into the OMG I LOVE him, but I don't even KNOW him and does he LOVE me? because I absolutely hate when an entire plot is dwindled down to that inner monologue. Seriously, it makes me want to punch something. But there was no misunderstanding or other silly mishap to drive a wedge between these two before the final, OMG I LOVE him and I don't even care if he LOVES me!, and that I appreciated and found surprisingly refreshing for a conventional contemporary romance. These two were very believable adults with really playful, argumentative, sexy banter and they started out with the simplest of intentions and super smokin' hot chemistry, and of course that L-O-V-E bug just complicated all their adventurous sex, but what can you do? Have more sex? Good idea.

Telling the story alongside Edna and Giovanni's was really great. I loved learning about the past of the feud between these two families, although it kind of fizzled out towards the end for me. I loved all the apple orchard scenes and the descriptions. I finished this book just wanting to put on a sweater and go pick my own apples and have some amazing pie afterwards. Toni Blake KNOWS Destiny and she creates this very pleasant, lovely little town to disappear to, which wasn't as annoying as it was in the first book. You get tiny glimpses of Jenny and Mick (more Jenny than Mick though. Such hogwash.) And Grandma Edna is to die for. This one felt like a more complete story and more was going on with the family preparing to harvest, but still a really easily consumed story with a sweet enough story, off the charts sex, and a cop whose willing to give even the girl he's sleeping with a speeding ticket. All in all, it was a good time.

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