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Venom by Jennifer Estep
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Oct 09, 10

it was amazing
bookshelves: uf, fantasy, ass-kicking-women, favorites
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Reading Progress

10/05/2010 page 45
12.0% "Haha, I just love Finn, despite the fact that the man clearly thinks with his crotch." 14 comments
10/06/2010 page 72
19.0% "Yum, finally a good love interest for Gin." 2 comments
10/06/2010 page 136
35.0% "Mmmm, I am starting to suspect that our Mr. Finnegan Lane will end up with Bria. Though part of me would love to see him with Gin, I admit that would be incestuous, so I can live with Bria. :)" 18 comments
10/06/2010 page 192
49.0% ""And you're our rock, Gin. You should think about that too." -- so sweet. I really just love him." 9 comments
10/06/2010 page 254
65.0% "Okay, I think I am half in love with Owen. Finally, a man that deserves Gin, and appreciates how amazing she is!" 7 comments
10/06/2010 page 260
67.0% ""That's hard core, Gin," Finn replied. "Very hard core. Kind of kinky too." A grim smile tightened my lips. "That's me. Gin Blanco. Hard core and kinky to the bitter end."" 2 comments
10/07/2010 page 389
100.0% "Holy crap. One of the best uf series I have read, can't wait for the next book. I am worried that Caine is going to come back to bite her though - he's the only untrustworthy person who knows she's the Spider... :(" 3 comments

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Catherine 5 stars? I need to read the second and get my hands on this one too!

Katyana Yup! I honestly loved it. I wanted to get a review written before mom got here for the weekend, but I just ran out of time...

Catherine There'll be time after she leaves, don't worry!

Katyana Assuming I can remember what I wanted to say. :)

Especially since I lent her the whole trilogy. We always trade books when we get together, and I thought she'd love this series too, so I couldn't resist handing it off to her.

Catherine That's nice that your mom enjoys reading too. My mom (and most of my family) is dyslexic, so she can't figure out where my sister and I got the love of reading, because she hates it!

Katyana Yeah, my mom and I are both huge readers, and I know my book tastes grew largely out of hers. When I was a kid we would read the big old classics together - Great Expectations, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, House on Pooh Corner - a couple chapters each night before bedtime. I loved it so much that I was a REALLY strong reader before first grade. I was mostly doing the reading out loud each night by then, and I will always remember Alice in Wonderland as the first big chapter book that I read all by myself.

From there, I went into the predictable stuff - the Christopher Pike horror books (man, I loved those), and the Sweet Valley High stuff (which I now blush about).

But as I moved on into high school, I wanted to read what she was reading. So that got me into Stephen King, and lots of scifi/fantasy. I think Anne McCaffrey's Pern series was the first one she pointed me at. I still love those, and have re-read them a zillion times. Well, okay, not ALL of them. All the Weyrs of Pern is where I believe I largely check out of the series. I never liked it after her son started co-writing with her.

But yeah, mom's book collection puts mine to shame. And when we see each other (only a couple times per year, because she lives back home in Wisconsin), we always swap a couple of the favorite series we have read since the last visit. :)

Catherine Oh man, I loved Christopher Pike. He was awesome. :)

My love of reading grew out of spending so much time at the library. Growing up, we were really poor. My mom was single and worked two jobs while trying to do some night classes. We didn't really have babysitting money after we moved to a new city (long story) so we usually went to work with her at her waitress job and sat in a back booth and read or did homework, or we stayed at home and read or watched movies.

But the majority of the time she'd drop us off at the library so we could read or watch some of the kids movies they played there. The library was a babysitting lifesaver for her. :) I know that's not what it was intended for, but what could she do? She was in a tough spot.

It all worked out for the best though, because my sister and I became avid readers and school was a breeze for us because our reading level and comprehension was so advanced.

Katyana Yay! Someone else who shares my love of Christopher Pike! Man, I couldn't get enough of his books as a kid. And I remember some of them were really pretty devastating... characters dying, stuff like that. They were really fun books.

Catherine I loved how his teenagers actually seemed like real people. They wanted sex and liked to have fun, and not all of them walked the straight and narrow.

I still have all the Last Vampire series. Sita rocked my world. I read any book of his I could get my hands on. I loved Last Act too. I've actually been contemplating tracking down some of his stuff so I can pass it on to my kids. I still have all my L.J. Smith, but I lost my Pikes in a move. :(

Katyana All of my old books are boxed up in my mom's attic. It is sort of sad, but the reality is, I would have nowhere to put them. Maybe someday. *sigh*

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