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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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Aug 30, 2010

it was ok
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Read from August 30 to September 03, 2010

Proud to say that third time was indeed the charm. I never would've been able to finish DL if I hadn't fallen in love with all of the other Brothers first.

I wanted to get lost in Wrath's story as much as all the others but it just didn't gel. There was no tension at all between hero and heroine. Sure, this is a romance and we know the guy will get the girl at the end but would it kill the author to have a little struggle between the characters before they get their HEA? There didn't seem to be anything at stake. The couple never really doubted their connection which I guess is good if you're the leaders of your race and all.

The Good:

-Tohr is made of awesome. When he's guarding Beth in her apartment and they're drinking beer and eating oatmeal cookies he seems like the perfect male. He totally puts her at ease. That quiet strength is seen throughout the story and makes my heart break even more for what happens to him in later books.

-Butch and Marissa. In the first read of LR these two annoyed the hell outta me. I thought both characters were whiny fidiots. DL changed all that. You see how Butch is already in a downward spiral that's going to kill him. The Brotherhood really does save him. As for Marissa, as the untouched and unwanted shellan of Wrath for hundreds of years her self esteem is in the crapper too. Butch sees her beauty and worth the first time he lays eyes on her and after a few fumbles (Wait, you're not a high class hooker? Luv ya Butch. Don't ever change.) you see the first steps of them falling in love. A re-read of LR is definitely in order now. These two are so adorable together!

The Bad:
-Wrath. Man oh man I didn't like him. Every hero needs a tragic backstory, but the whining over his own got on my last nerve. Especially knowing what his Brothers have been through. Shut up, build a bridge and get over it. I couldn't get into the fact that this super BAMF still felt guilty three hundred years later over the deaths of his family. At least your father didn't try to castrate you!

The Ugly:
The lack of tension really killed this for me. I need more angst between the hero and heroine to really feel invested in the story. There were no obstacles to their love. They basically hooked up on page 60 something and that was that. I recommend starting with Lover Eternal and then going back to see how it all began.
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message 3: by Mel (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mel Hey Akaria, I see you're reading Dark Lover. It's a good book but the rest of the BDB is even better. I'm sure you'll love Z, he's a favorite for most. We'd like to see you on the BDB boards!

Muahahahaha. Reread?

Akaria Gale Ya know this is the third time I'm trying to read this damn book. First attempt didn't get beyond pg 30. Second time got up to when Wrath and Beth first had sex on her futon (he didn't break it? LOL). This time I'm about halfway through. It just might happen!

LAv is a re-read. I love spending time with the Reverend.

message 1: by Mel (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mel Oh you seriously never read DL? Ah okay. Well, I was pressured into reading it and I ended up being pleasently surprised. It was cliché and too sappy at times but I saw the premise.
I don't think it's as good as the other BDB books though.

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