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Going Rogue by Sarah Palin
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Aug 30, 2010

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It's interesting to me all of the hate this woman garners. In reality her background isn't much different then say a Patty Murray for example, but because her politics are not mainstream lefty she is considered stupid by the loudest morons (see daily Kos for an example). Looking over some of the reviews I'm curious if people realize the critical nature of Alaska (e.g. energy production, defense during the cold war), but by the nature of these reviews its a wonder we don't continue to call the state Seward's Folly, but we live in Bizzaro world where Palin is an idiot and real partisan morons (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they may actually have intelligence somewhere in their pea brains) like Anthony Weiner or Debbie Wasserman Schultz are some brilliant politicos who really have this all figured out. However, I'll concede one thing to the partisan leftists do have a valid point about her tendency to take on a persecution complex at times, but if I was called stupid everyday (oh yeah I am) then I might get a little upset at times and feel like the mainstream media was setting me up for failure or at times attacking a valid opinion because it doesn't fit into the template.

Yes, her line that she read every magazine and newspaper was an unfortunate flub (which I feel she weakly defends in the book), and yes she does take some strong stands on particular political issues, and yes death panels aren't in the health care bill, but public health bills ration care. The reality is politics is always a conflict of visions and hers is a vision that I more closely agree with then that of many politicians on the left who want to keep carting out post-Keynsian stimulus bills that in my opinion do more harm then good.

That being said, although you can hear the Palin voice/style/mannerisms there are a few areas where the ghost writers voice slips out which can sometimes be jarring to the reader. I feel that the author may have taken some liberties with Palin's views on some issues that didn't directly impact her life to give her more strength in defense of conservative ideals. Not that this criticism is from someone who really likes Sarah Palin and feels she had a stand out record in Alaska (even with only two years as Governor), but the reality is that this book reveals that her skill set and her political acumen is more suited to the last frontier then the white house, but then again I would never have expected a half-term US Senator to become president.
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