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Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlister
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Two things really:

First, this book was HYSTERICAL -- the bits about her "kinks" had me rolling :)

Second, it was confusing as @#$%. Srsly. I didn't realize this was a spinoff of a well-established series until about three chapters in, when I was feeling overwhelmed with all the characters and obvious subtext.. The whole "Light Dragons, #1" thing threw me off. DEFINITELY read the other "dragon" novels first before even attempting this on or you'll be scratching your head half the time.

(and third, be prepared for the total WTF cliffhanger ending. I seriously thought for a second that I'd gotten a bad copy because it just.. well... stopped at the end, rather than have everything neatly tied up with just a hint at a sequel)

Even so, I say 4 Stars because it was so bloody amusing :)
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