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Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
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Sep 06, 10

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Read in August, 2010

The verdict is still out on “Nightshade”. I’ll begin with the positives.

Pro: I burned through it in about three hours so it certainly can boast of possessing and addictive like quality that makes it difficult for the reader to cast it aside. It’s also very well paced, which again, prevents the reader from willingly throwing the brakes on the story. There really isn’t a stopping point. Once you start, you have to finish. As a devourer of books, I like to be that consumed by a book, regardless of the reasons why.

Pro: I loved the twist on werewolf lore. The story reminded me of “Blood and Chocolate” in fact, it’s almost exact and I’d be willing to bet it was the inspiration for “Nightshade”, but the lore was unique. Well, sort of. The lore also reminded me of the movie “Rise of the Lycans”, but in “Nightshade” werewolves are the guardians of the Keepers, powerful sorcerer types that are in a war against the Searchers, also powerful sorcerer types, only for the side of evil, or so the Guardians are told.

Pro: The plot. It wasn’t complex, but it did boast something slightly new to the standard YA paranormal romance. Calla is an alpha guardian of the Nightshade Pack soon to celebrate her 18th birthday on All’s Hallows Eve. Ren is also an alpha guardian, only of the Bane clan. He too will celebrate his 18th birthday on All’s Hallows Eve. However, Calla and Ren will be participating in another sort of celebration on the day of their adulthood, their union which has been planned by the keepers since their infancy. Together they will complete a trial, and form their own Pack which they will rule side by side. Calla has always been prepared for her destiny until a twist of fate presents her with a chance encounter, a human boy named Shay. It is through Shay, that Calla learns just how much the ties that bind, chafe. But Shay is not all that he appears. Surrounded by secrets and forbidden knowledge, Shay and Calla set out to find the truth about the world around them. As a result, their lives, and the lives of those whom Calla loves, will never be the same. Sounds interesting right?

Pro:Ren. I’m not going to lie, I found Ren appealing. I think it’s that whole alpha male, morally ambiguousness thing that gets my blooding boiling.

Con: Aside from Ren, the characters were made of dull and fell flat. What’s with the onslaught of heroine’s who hate being feminine? Most females like clothes. That doesn’t equate vanity or clothes obsession, but I think that a majority of the female population at the age of 18 like to be a bit girly, even when they have non-girly interests and pursuits. I’m over reading about females that encompass such a small percentage of the population. Give me a break.

Con: The love story between Calla and Shay. It lacked substance, was instantaneous, you know the drill. Again, I say give me a break. You can think a guy is hot and want to jump his bones, but if you have an equally handsome guy, who’ve you’ve known your entire life and are meant to be with, chances are you aren’t going to drop him for a hot piece of ass you’ve seen all of one time.

With that, I have given away a spoiler, but it isn’t as if the writing wasn’t on the wall from the start. “Nightshade” doesn’t contain anything spectacular, but it has a slight edge over a majority of the books in this genre. If you’re addicted to the YA paranormal genre, I’m sure you’ll be content to add this new series to your shelves, if not; you may or may not enjoy your time spent with “Nightshade”. I’ll probably follow it, but it isn’t a release I would be on edge about.

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Crystal I really wanted to read this one, what did you think?

Rosanne I like your point about the 'anti-girl' girl, nothing wrong with being girly at all. It is almost as if in going there the author(s) are making up for a lack of ability to create a complex character i.e. feminine and 'tough', interesting in high and low culture at the same time, etc.

Also thought of Blood and Chocolate when I read the synopsis of this one.

Sandra I agree about Ren, totally hot. I liked Shay too but Ren had a definite appeal and I felt really bad for him cuz if Shey hadn't come along I think Calla could have been happy with him (of course that's ignoring the whole enslavement thing).

Morganofthesea Here is why despite that I think a lot of the characterization in The Mortal Instruments was meh I loved Isabelle Lightwood for being a tough badass girl who loves her some dresses and high heels. I wanted to hit Calla, with a truck, I've always been a tomboy but I now cant get off my standard 4 to 7 in. Heels and can appreciate pretty clothes

message 5: by Em (new) - rated it 3 stars

Em I think it's ok for Calla to be a tomboy because there were feminine characters that were portrayed in a positive light-like Bryn. I think Shay may have the "forbidden" appeal to Calla, considering she has had to follow strict rules her whole life.

Rena What bothered me the most was her freaking weak willed mother. She was suppose to be an alpha female wolf? Yeah right. That bitch was the weakest piece of shit ever.

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