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May 10, 2011

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Dear Sookie,
You know you are one of my oldest friends, right? I love our yearly visits at your old Stackhouse family home, sitting on the porch, soaking up the sun and drinking iced tea. It’s great to live vicariously through you and hear about the most powerful and sexy supernatural beasts falling over themselves to flirt with and please you. And Eric…. Mmmm =) Anytime you want to tell me all of his dirty little secrets and every sexy thing about him that is okay with me.

But here’s the thing, Sookie. You tend to ramble. A lot. Don’t get offended. I love hearing you talk and visiting Bon Temps with you. But our time is limited. And as much as I love hearing all those mundane details of your life, I really wish our time together could be used more wisely. Your life is so exciting, and so many fascinating things happen to and around you ~ I’d much rather hear about your supernatural activities than the particulars that went into preparing for Tara’s baby showers.

The next time we meet, it would be awesome if you stuck to the more important facts. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing you talk about brushing your hair and cleaning the kitchen. But if you can’t bring yourself to edit those little fine points in favor of the bigger ones, perhaps you could convince Charlaine Harris to allow us more pages to visit?

Even so, I did enjoy our time together and am looking forward to seeing you again next spring. Hopefully you and Eric will get more alone time and you can tell me everything.
Your friend,

P.S. I loved Bubba's concert! Anytime you can get that guy to make an appearance (and especially sing!) be sure to tell me allll about it! =)


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Tatiana Well, at least it's still a 3. I started to worry...:)

message 2: by Megan (last edited May 10, 2011 12:03PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Megan At this point, I don't expect too much from these books. It didn't seem to be as messy plot wise as some of the others ~ but you know when I first started reading it I was thinking, "Geez the writing really isn't that good" and wondered if Harris' writing had gone downhill a little bit, or if my tastes had changed? However, no sooner did I think that and I was sucked into the story ~ and then quickly realized that it was nearly over although nothing much had happened.

Oh well... that's the crack that is Sookie Stackhouse :) I've learned not to expect too much or overthink it, and just enjoy the novels for what they are.

message 3: by Vinaya (new)

Vinaya Wow Megan, you are on a review writing spree today! :)

Megan Been away from the computer for a few days ~ and that darn Goodreads challange keeps taunting me with how far behind I am on my reading! ;)

Tatiana You have been away for a while! An extra long vacay?

Megan Nothing so fun, just busy at work. My 8hr shifts have been turning into 12hr :(

Jenn O'Brien Completely agree with you - how long did we have to hear about the haircut, or pulling the hair into a ponytail, or washing the hair before going somewhere (coming back from somewhere)?

Megan Jenn wrote: "Completely agree with you - how long did we have to hear about the haircut, or pulling the hair into a ponytail, or washing the hair before going somewhere (coming back from somewhere)?"

When Sookie goes on about her hair, I always think of Marcia Brady brushing her hair 100 times before bed, lol

Molly I think I am getting worn out on the genre. By the end of this book I was thinking so the heck what...WHO CARES...I still think that HBO is partly responsible. :)

Courtney Funny review.

message 11: by Gigi (new) - added it

Gigi Love the review!

Megan Thank you :)

Ruthanne I love this review! I said in my review that I could go without Sookie's to-do-list taking up the majority of the book.

Jessica Gramby I love this review!! Honestly!!!!

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