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The White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty
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Aug 28, 2010

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This has been on my "Currently Reading" list since I endeavored to make it my current read a month or so ago. I've not decided, yet, whether I will give up trying to get into this or not. My initial feeling as that this novel suffers from what I call "The Maya Angelou/Spike Lee Syndrome" -- a convoluted, unintelligible, confusing piece of work that is in reality crap (for lack of a better word), but critics and others have deemed it "genius" and are too afraid to be counted among the dissenting voices, or classified "racist" for saying that a minority author is nothing more than hype.

I may decide to carry on the quest in the months ahead and be proven, I can only hope, wrong..., at which time I will gladly come back to this site and graciously admit error. Until then, there are so many books I am dying to delve into, I can hardly justify slogging through one that gives every indication of being an effort worthy of Spike himself.

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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Are you going back to this, or still trying to pick a new book?

message 2: by Shawn (new) - added it

Shawn Hi, Sweetie. I'm still trying to pick a new title. I'm leaning toward "Scoop", by Evelyn Waugh. I'm inclined to guess that you will be one of the first to know when I finally do!

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