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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Dec 02, 11

bookshelves: romance, urban-fantasy, disappointing
Recommended for: Twilight fans who won't mind the blatant copycat. Anyone else who likes an idiotic, useless heroin.
Read in February, 2011

I'm not the first person who now has to go back and demote Hush Hush from my original (generous) 3 stars to only 2.

I'm also not the first person to do this but I must as these reviews are more for my own memory than warning others.

(before I viciously assess why the book is bad by the way, I DID read it in only a few days. I enjoyed it I guess even though it was bad. It didn't make me want to put it down, it just made me want to punch Nora or punch Fitzpatrick.)

Reasons Nora is dumb: (spoilers are marked)

1. Assumes EVERYTHING. To the point where I fully believe she is a little in the scene where Marcie is bugging her to sing Happy Birthday. "Oh no I KNOW I'll get fired if they complain" What's wrong with "I go to school with this girl, her birthday is in May and her quest in life is to torture me." I've never had a single boss who wouldn't have accepted that, even on the first day.

2. Never speaks her mind. Not how you're thinking, (view spoiler)

3. Sneaking/Stealing. Nora is supposed to be bookish and smart so the natural assumption is that her research MIGHT extend beyond a halfhearted Google search. (view spoiler)

4. Obedient and easily manipulated. She makes a fool of herself by proving everyone right over and over again. Maybe it only bugs me because I'm very proud, but gah! She allows Patch, Scott, Marcie and even Vee to manipulate her and order her around.

5. PATCH. Dear God I know Patch isn't exactly a boyscout but don't you think you'd cut a guy a LITTLE slack (view spoiler)

6. The end (view spoiler)

All that being said, despite how much I hate Nora, I still don't hate her as much as Bella. She may be stupid about it, but Nora actually does stuff and tries to help herself. Nora sometimes has sudden spurts of intelligence like when she's escaping the library and hiding from the SUV.

Okay so it once again follows the Twilight format by driving a wedge into the main relationship because no book could ever function with a happy fully formed relationship in it :P. So Padward is off for a while and Nella is sad (but thank god not as sad as Bella was) It introduces a new guy for Nella who we shall know as Scacob. Scacob is NOT better for Nella, he's actually a bad boy as well (presumably because Fitzpatrick cannot imagine herself being attracted to anyone who isn't borderline abusive)

And as the mystery story unfolds (yet again putting me in mind of Diane Hoh's Nightmare Hall series which I actually quite liked) it's just frustration and annoyance and plot conveniences. This is unfortunate because I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of the previous one.

Everything in this book is set together to embarrass Nora or frighten her or to make her think she can't trust anyone in the world. (on that note it was pretty damn easy to pick out the bad guy by the way, but I won't say why.) And at least I could have been sympathetic if I didn't think Nora deserved just about everything she got.

Immature, inconsistent and clunky story development with really pointless "action" sequences just when I was getting bored. Sentence by sentence the writing style is fine, Fitzpatrick's wording is perfectly tolerable, even good (and I'm pretty picky about that) but putting points and concepts together and building up the story is where she falls very dismally short. Really it's just the big book of Victimization 101 and Nora is the unfortunate little white mouse.

And just a final note, this is directed right at Fitzpatrick. I have forgiven your formulaic approach so far but if your third installment sees an army of "angels" or something coming after Nora and Patch teaming up with Scacob *cough* I mean Scott to keep her safe I just may not be able to turn a blind eye.

And heaven forbid a fourth installment with a pregnancy...


Just read the third book. SO a fourth installment eh? I was unable to get through all the nothing in the third book so I don't know how it ends or if Padward and Scacob team up to save her but it IS pretty clear that individually both ARE trying to save her from AN ARMY OF NEPHILS, damn I was so close.

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