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Burn the Night by Jocelynn Drake
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Aug 18, 2011

really liked it
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Read from August 14 to 18, 2011

*Rating* 4.0
*Genre* Urban Fantasy


Burn the Night is the final chapter in the Dark Days series and a last chance to say good-bye to Mira, Danaus and the rest of the characters that make up the series. Burn the Night gives readers two different POV's; one from Mira the nightwalker firestarter, and the other from Nyx, a naturi who is as strong, if not stronger than Mira.

The book ties up several loose ends including the naturi, the Daylight Coalition, the Great Awakening, Jabari, Nick, and the introduction of Our Liege, finally, to the story after being in the back ground for this entire series. It also gives Danaus and Mira an avenue to proceed to their HEA which we all expected but had a hard time believing it was actually possible with everything they have been through over the course of this series.

Nyx is a powerful wind naturi and sister to both Cynnia, who is waging a battle to bring the naturi together to save their race, and older sister Aurora the current queen of the naturi who is nuttier than a Snickers bar.

Nyx is known as the protector of her people, as well as a healer, soldier, and the Queen’s weapon that she has used against so called traitors. Nyx is also known as the Dark One because she has hunted her own people down and killed them at the whim of Aurora. Nyx is much stronger than anyone actually understands or realizes because of her infinity with Mother Earth as well as her ability to keep closely guarded secrets to herself.

Nyx has chosen to support Cynnia in her fight against Aurora. Nyx believes that Aurora has lost her mind and her ways and is rapidly leading the naturi to their destruction. She has the unenviable job of calling in support for Cynnia’s cause from both the animal clan for which she ends up having to fight to the death with its leader, and a naturi who is considered to be a traitor but is needed to help lead the forces aligned against Aurora; Rowe.

*I've rated Nyx’s story and POV as a positive for Burn the Night final installment. We see her passion, as well as her ability to fight her way out of tough situations along the way in helping stave off her crazy older sister and her agenda of destroying mankind. Nyx ends up being the catalyst that ends Aurora’s threat to mankind and the others with her previously unknown ability to communicate with Mother Earth as well as her healing powers that saves an important character.

We also get to see Rowe in a different light. This from a character I’ve long desired to see dead to because of his actions against Mira and his desire to be reunited with his consort/queen Aurora. Who knew he actually had a heart and could actually be in love with anyone let alone himself?

For Mira, she continues to be pushed to the limits by her father Nick, the God of Chaos AKA Loki. He demands that she learn about her true powers that she was born with. Mira is a rare being in that she was born with the ability to manipulate and control fire and kept it long after she became a nightwalker. Nick wants to use Mira for his own personal pawn. This includes removing all threats including Jabari and Danaus from interfering with his God plans.

Mira has no problem ending Jabari’s life since he used her for his own personal enjoyment and a tool after turning her into a nightwalker. Jabari is also aware that Mira has grown exponentially more powerful and is now his main threat that needs to be eliminated. Mira and Jabari have had a love hate relationshio for awhile now. Both have used the other for their personal gains.

In the meantime, Mira is having hard time in letting go of Tristan, Lily and others that have fallen along the wayside in her struggles against her enemies. She realizes that all these deaths lie at her feet because of their relationship with her. Hard as she may try to avoid it, people continue to die including her own nightwalkers, and the lycans led by Barrett Rainer who live in her community of Savannah.

She now faces more threats than any person should be expected to handle; The Daylight Coalition has started to hunt the lycans; the naturi, and the bori remain threats to mankind as well as the nightwalkers themselves, and Nick and Jabari are making enough noise to make the future bleak for Mira's survival.

On the other hand, Mira and Danaus have come a long way since the first book when they were adversaries and he was trying to kill her. He has left Themis and the warlock Ryan behind. The same Ryan who wanted to keep Mira under his thumb and control so that she would turn him into a powerful nightwalker. Mira and Danaus are together in every way possible now, and he refuses to leave her side for any reason. He has made it his choice to protect Mira from all enemies, while giving her is undying love.

Fun scene of the book: Strip Sparring between Mira and Danaus where the loser has to remove a piece of clothing if they are hit anywhere on their body. Obviously, you can let your imagination roam to where that leads.

Mira has been chased, tortured, and nearly killed by the naturi Rowe more times than she cares to think about. Now, she finds that she is allied with him in the fight against Aurora and the end game. Even though I've stated that Rowe should have beeen killed several times over by now, this actually ties things up nicely for me. In the back of my mind I've felt as though they had a mutual respect for the other while doing what was right for their own people including trying to kill the other. The last scene together was perfectly done in which Rowe gets an opportunity to kill Aurora, while Mira is forced to deal with the Daylight Coalition and their threat.

My only pet peeve in this story was the introduction of Adio, the so called Our Liege. Not sure why it took this long for him to be introduced, or his actual identity to be revealed to us. Naturally, we are taken back when we learn that he has secrets of his own that are similiar in nature to Mira's own.

All along we were told that the Great Awakening was on the cusp of becoming a reality for the nightwalkers, lycans, naturi, bori, witches and warlocks. In the end, it becomes something for your own imagination to figure out where it leads our characters and how they end up dealing with it.

I am thankful that Ms Drake ended this series on a high note and not continued it like others have. She could have dragged this series out until readers became tired of the characters and the blah storylines to the point of abandoning the series.

I'm looking forward to see where Ms Drake goes from here with her writing.

The ending with Mira and Danaus and where they end up, should remain untouched or changed by anyone let alone readers, or reviewers who think differently.
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08/17/2011 page 35
9.0% "I'm really loving Nyx and her story. If Drake ever wanted to spin-off a character, I would vote for Nyx."
08/17/2011 page 112
28.0% "So far this has been more or less about Nyk's determination to put together an army to go up against Aurora. Not that there's anything wrong with that!"
08/17/2011 page 206
52.0% "I've got two words for you "Strip Sparring." Holy crikey"
08/18/2011 page 303
76.0% "Singing "nah nah nah..nah nah nah..hey hey hey...goodbye!" One assmunch down, several to go!"

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