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Riding Wild by Jaci Burton
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Feb 08, 11

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Read from February 06 to 07, 2011

3.5 stars

Riding Wild was not at all what I expected, as I found out about 30-something pages in. I was expecting a romantic suspense novel, probably fun, possibly hot, featuring a bad-boy biker. Well, I did get that - absolutely without question - but I also got a lot more than I bargained for. This was not just a hot mainstream novel, but definitely crosses the line into romantica/erotica.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. It just caught me completely by surprise. I guess I should have read some reviews first! Possibly unfairly, my rating was probably influenced by the fact that what I read wasn't what I was expecting. That said, the sex scenes, which were plentiful and not kinky (unless you count backdoor action), were probably the best executed parts of the novel. They were scorching! If that's what you go in expecting, you will probably be well pleased.

As it was, I had some concerns with the overall execution of the suspense plot. In particular, the use of dialogue to set up, and then resolve, the action. Lily is an ex-cop turned P.I. who is performing a routine job checking out night security at the museum, when she witnesses a break and enter resulting in the theft of an artifact. She recognises the thief as none other than Mac Canfield, her one love who left her after taking her virginity some 10 years ago.

Rather than calling it in, she finds herself an unwilling passenger on Mac's Harley after discovering the virus hidden inside the artifact and being shot at by unknown assailants. They begin a road trip to origins unknown as Mac, ex-thief turned covert government operative, is determined to keep his mission a secret and Lily schemes ways in which she can steal the virus from him and turn it over to the authorities.

Trained operatives in a situation where they are trying to move a vial of mass destruction under the most dangerous and covert circumstances would not conduct their telephone conversations specifically using the word virus over and over, particularly when in the vicinity of someone who is openly working against them. At best it would be referred to as 'it' or some other code word. There were also occasions where the dialogue was used to state something fairly obvious that needed no explanation. It made the dialogue unrealistic and jarring, and clearly designed to be explanatory to the reader or move the plot forward.

The following example contains minor spoilers:
(view spoiler)

Then, in the final denouement, we learn many of the details of the take-down from an explanatory conversation taking place after the fact.

The unnatural (and dare I say, lazy) use of dialogue contributed to my rating far more than my expectations around genre being incorrect. I will still try the next book in the Wild Riders series, Riding Temptation, now that I now what to expect.

Can I finish by saying how wonderful it is to see a steamy romance book with a cover that doesn't need to be hidden? I should add a star just for that.

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message 1: by seton (new) - added it

seton this was a DNF for me. I like JB and would have been happy if if was just 300 pages of just sex. I was expecting it actually. But the action was so laughably bad - like 1960s Batman KAPOW! BAM! cheesy bad - that I couldnt continue it. I kept groaning/snorting and wanting to throw it against the wall.

Quinn That's true, Seton! I think it was the sex that saved this one for me, because the suspense/action (which is what I thought I was getting) wasn't great. Did you read any others in the series?

message 3: by seton (new) - added it

seton Nope, they are still on my TBR. I never got over my trauma :-)

Quinn LOL!

message 5: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB Nice review Quinn! I have these floating around in the TBR somewhere.

Quinn Thanks, Melissa! I hope you enjoy them. I'll be interested to see how I feel about the next one, since I'll have a better idea of what I'm getting before I start.

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