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Schuyler's Monster by Robert Rummel-Hudson
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Sep 30, 10

Read from August 27 to September 30, 2010

Before I review this book, you should know this: "Schuyler" is pronounced "Skylar", and she is a girl. The author (her dad) was relieved she was not a boy because the mom was going to name her something weird if she was a dude. If she was a boy, she was going to be named Jasper. Jasper is the name of my mother in law's late cat (rest his kitty soul), but it is still a better name than Schuyler. Really, it's a pretty weird name.

That said, I love Schuyler. I even liked her dad, who is super liberal and agnostic and totally the opposite of me in almost every way, except for the fact that I like him, and I'm sure he'd think I was awesome too.

Schuyler was born with a rare brain deformity that messes with parts of her development, such as her speech. She was never able to learn to talk, but she uses a computer box thingy that she can type in what she wants to say and have it speak for her. Sort of Stephen Hawkings-ish. It's the story of their family, from the perspective of her dad. I finished this book a couple weeks ago on vacation, and I wish I remembered more of what I specifically wanted to say, but I can't. All I have to say is this: this book it totally worth reading. I've never had a perspective of a special needs parent so close up. I found it by randomly walking up and down the library aisles (walls, rows, places, shelves....yes! shelves! They're called bookshelves!!), looking for something new. This is the type of book I love. Love, love, love. The author is very easy and entertaining to read, and the story is fascinating. It also opened up my mind to more of what my friends with special needs children may have gone through over the years. This dude is a good guy at heart. I totally recommend this book.

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