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The Silver Spoon by John Galsworthy
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Mar 08, 08

bookshelves: read-in-2008, disappointing
Read in March, 2008

Yawn. Marjorie Ferrar, grand-daughter of a marquess, waxes snotty about Fleur, at one of Fleur's salons. Unfortunately, Soames overhears and calls her on her nastiness. In public.
After a season of escalating Lindsay Lohan - Hillary Duff * silliness, things eventually go before a jury. Fleur wins in court, but not in the court of public opinion. It doesn't help matters that Michael Mont has been navigating his first year in the House of Lords with more dottiness than is usual even for that particular assortment of inbred eccentrics. So, nobody luvs Fleur, who pouts as only she can, so that Soames has to take her on a world tour to recover.

Oh, and Jon's idiot brother-in-law was dispatched to London for the duration of this book, apparently for no better reason than that we shouldn't forget about Jon. If there isn't a decent payoff for this in Book 6, I shall be very upset.

This volume ends with another one of those patented bittersweet Soames/Irene pathcrossings, this time in Washington DC. It's like a gesture of appeasement on Galsworthy's part, as if he's trying to make up for the thin gruel of this volume by flashing back to when he actually had a worthwhile story to tell.

* Marjorie, the sluttier of the pair, clearly taking the Lohan role.

There's also a kid called Kit, aka the eleventh baronet. It hardly comes as a surprise that Britney Fleur isn't going to let a 6-month absence from the little brat get in the way of her world tour. Really, if the bitch had fallen into a geyser in Yellowstone, would anybody really have missed her, other than poor old Soames?

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