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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Terry Gilliam
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Nov 03, 10

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Read in November, 2009

Don't read this book. Do see the marvellous film, which I have watched so many times that I virtually know it by heart. Here are some of my favourite bits of dialogue:

(Baron Munchausen meets the Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson, leader of the beseiged city)

JACKSON: You appear to have a rather weak grasp of reality.

MUNCHAUSEN: Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash, and I am pleased to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever!

(The Baron has persuaded the theatre company to build him a hot air ballon entirely constructed from women's underwear)

FIRST ACTOR: It's like the dawning of a new age! Of beautiful, intimate fings!

SECOND ACTOR: He's going to kill himself you know.

THIRD ACTOR: Yes, but what a way to go!

(The Baron and his followers have tied a rope around one end of the moon, and are trying to lower themselves back down to Earth)

MUNCHAUSEN: This is just the kind of thing that no one ever believes!

(The Baron has been introduced to the Goddess Venus, played by a radiant young Uma Thurman)

MUNCHAUSEN: Madame, I am overwhelmed! Your beauty surpasses even that of the late Catherine the Great of Russia, whose hand in marriage I once had the honour to decline.

VENUS: Baron, you flatter me!

MUNCHAUSEN: (Gazing at her décolletage) Not one jot, Madame! Not one tittle!

(The Sultan is about to cut off the Baron's head)

SULTAN: Any famous last words?


SULTAN: (puzzled) "Not yet"? Is that famous?

(After an exceptionally confusing reversal of fantasy and reality)

MUNCHAUSEN: And that is merely one of the many times I have died! An experience I do not hesitate most heartily to recommend.
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message 1: by Pavel (new)

Pavel If you mean Terry Gilliam's Munchausen, the movie is marvellous indeed!

message 2: by Manny (last edited Aug 27, 2010 12:46AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Manny Pavel wrote: "If you mean Terry Gilliam's Munchausen, the movie is marvellous indeed!"

That is exactly the one I mean. I have never understood why it isn't generally acclaimed as a masterpiece! Nice to see that you're also a fan :)

message 3: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell I loved Terry Gilliam's version of Baron Munchausen also! The story strongly reminded me of The Fool and the Flying Ship (which was a story I love!) and the characters in Munchausen were just so memorable. I just don't understand why it wasn't one of the most popular movies ever. I'm glad that you loved the movie too Pavel and Manny!

message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom To die in my prime, on the cusp between Romeo and King Lear! My public will kill me for dying!

message 5: by Tom (new)

Tom If you want to see Baron Muchausen again, you'd better do something about it!

Manny I see you're another fan :)

notgettingenough Now I know two people who think this is about the best movie ever made. On my list.

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