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Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan
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Jan 20, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, paranormal, series, urban-fantasy, contemporary

it would always be a treat for any avid fan of ms feehan to encounter a novel with their favorite characters thrown together along with other personas in such a rare occurence as a carpathian "reunion." definitely it was a great feeling for me to glimpse how married life was treating lucian and jaxx. and it also paved the way for me to be introduced to some others i have not been acquainted with.

it was so amusing to see how mikhail kept on with his sadistic vendetta to throw gregori into the role of santa claus. and the reaction of the carpathian males to this was hilarious. you wouldnt think that these people were ruthless killers with tons of power to spare. and the women with their efforts to cook up something for the incoming feast were charming (especially natalya with her signature hair spray).

of course the story also centered on the still pervasive menace of the dark mage, as well as on the development between dimitri and skyler. although skyler isnt really my favorite female character (maybe im just biased against her young age as compared to the other "ancients"), you can still feel the promise of a great story emerging between her and dimitri. i just hope it does stand up to par. i mean, to be honest, not all of ms feehan's carpathian installments were that great.

as most readers can attest, the great challenge in doing dark celebration was in putting together all these couples, and, what for me is becoming most annoying, the presence of the dark mage in the middle of their feast. truthfully, im getting tired of this villain. and then there's the whole affair with the jaguars, which, forgive me, up to now i cant quite appreciate. i think ms feehan's plots are getting more convoluted, and i dont really mean in a complimentary way.

sometimes it does get exhausting to encounter the same old stories of "overly domineering men" and "loudly protesting, too independent women." on your first to probably third feehan book that you would read, it wouldnt be too bad, but to continue with this kind of plot between the hero and the heroine may just be too much in the end. i hope ms feehan can prevent this from happening by introducing a twist between the chemistry of her characters in her future books. and please dont forget to add in humor! it's always fun to see that the dark carpathian male can make fun of himself and even mercilessly tease his lifemate. that's what made lucian and jaxx's story irresistible to me. all carpathian couples, i believe, should have that touch of lightness in their relationship.

dont get me wrong! meeting the carpathian race is something i would never regret. they were a definite treat in my little library of romance novels.

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