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Rising Tides by Nora Roberts
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This book is boring and annoying. I don't particularly like Ethan or Grace, though I hate Grace even more.

Nothing much happens here. Seth is even more annoying than ever. He punches Ethan in the face twice, and a few more times in the stomach. Actually punches him, with all his might! The stupid little kid! Yeah, he had a sucky few years of childhood, but that doesn't give him the right to punch his guardian! And not even get in trouble for it! I'm sorry, but Ethan should at least have yelled at the brat. Seriously, if I was ten and punched my mother or father in the face (more than once) they'd have freakin' killed me! So stupid.

The way I see it: you shouldn't hit someone that can't hit you back. Since an honorable man in his thirties isn't going to hit a ten-year-old boy, said boy should not hit said man. This goes for a woman, too. A woman shouldn't hit a man, because the man can't hit back (without being considered evil, anyway). Women can hit women, and men can hit men. I don't know, maybe I'm just not a fan of violence.

It pissed me off that Anna butted her unwanted head into Ethan's business. It was unnecessary, seeing as how Grace already screamed at him for about an hour and practically beat him up, so I thought her rampage of insults was uncalled-for. Apparently, Ethan has "big clumsy hands" and a "fat head," and then she says to him "Don't you dare get out of that chair. I swear I'll belt you." BELT YOU! And then she goes in for the sympathy card and goes "Oh, I was raped..." blah blah blah. She's SO ANNOYING! Are you freaking kidding me!? How is that okay? Just because she's a woman? If a guy said "I'll belt you" to a woman, everyone would be pissed. Anna always brings up her rape when someone is sad, just to prove that she's been "just as sad." Apparently, because she was raped, she knows everything about everyone's feelings and lives and is a mind-reader. Yeah, it was a horrible thing that happened to her, but I don't even care, because I hate her guts! What gives her the right to lecture Ethan? Honestly! She calls him stupid about forty times in two pages.

And then, of course, Ethan NEVER gets angry when people spout out thousands of insults his way. And after she gets done pelting him with said insults, he goes all, oh, poor Anna, don't cry, and my wonderful dead mother would have loved you. Really? Why? Because she's an interfering b*tch?

The reason for the three stars is because the characters are distinct and well developed. I find that with NR heroines, they are either A) mean and pissy throughout the whole book, or, B) really nice the whole book, and then, suddenly, at the very end, they become horrible, mean shrews pissed off at everyone for no reason.

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