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It's a Book by Lane Smith
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Aug 23, 10

A package arrived yesterday and I opened it with my daughter. She asked what it was and I told her “It’s a Book.” She asked what book and I told her again, “It’s a Book, that’s the title.” So you can imagine how that conversation continued. So like any kid with a present, I immediately tore into the package and read it cover to cover. It’s a quick read as it’s a children’s book but there is some good adult humor mixed in as well.

The book has three main characters: a mouse, a monkey and a jackass. Basically the monkey is reading this thing called a “book” and the jackass is trying to figure out what a “book” is. His questions run the gamut from asking if it has to be plugged in and if you can blog with it. It’s a great comparison for all of the digital media out there and most adults and kids will find the humor in the book. Once we see the jackass try out the book he becomes enthralled and sits and reads for hours.

As a kindergarten teacher, and not a prudish one at all, I will definitely read this book in class but I think I will have to refer to the jackass as a donkey to keep it clean for the kiddos. Even my daughter read that animal name and wondered about the appropriateness. I can just see the kids going home to tell their parents that their teacher read them a story about a jackass! Can’t you?
(Courtesy of Guest Reviewer Jennifer for BookSake)

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