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The Complete Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway
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Aug 22, 2010

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There's the old idea that the Monster that we don't see (or can't see) is the one that scares us most. Hemingway's writing is defined as the "Iceburg" principle; he would write about only the surface elements of a situation, the very tip of the iceburg that you could see above the water, so to speak. He would only hint at the much more massive goings-on happening beneath the surface, leaving you to fill in those blanks yourself. He didn't tell you what to feel, and I think that's why Hemingway's stories are so much more moving. He doesn't tell you what to think, which is why his stories are so thought-provoking.
This book has every short story Hemingway ever published, starting with his very first, which still baffles and upsets me to this day. His writing is brilliant, gruff, and unbending like the man himself.
Still, while I acknowledge his talent as a writer, I do have to say that I cannot read too much Hemingway at a time. I think to say he was a misogynist oversimplifies the matter, but his writing smacks of that at times. He was obviously not a very happy man, and his work reflects that, too. And finally, Hemingway has a good-sized helping of lewdness in some of his stories that turns me off. I would only recommend him with strong reservations.

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